Current Affairs Quiz

Ques. : 1 India asked the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to double its lending capacity in 20 years to help emerging market and poor economies. The annual lending capacity of ADB under Ordinary Capital Resources has been ________so far.
1) $4-5 bn
2) $6-7 bn
3) $8-9 bn
4) $10-11 bn
5) $12-13 bn

Ques. : 2 Juan Carlos Varela won the Presidential election in which of the following countries recently? He was erstwhile Vice President of the country.
1) Panama
2) El Salvador
3) Nicaragua
4) Costa Rica
5) Honduras

Ques. : 3 The term birdie is associated with which of the following games?
1) Badminton
2) Golf
3) Snooker
4) Chess
5) Squash

Ques. :  4 Gary Becker, who died recently at 83, had received the Nobel Prize in which of the following fields in 1992?
1) Literature
2) Economic Sciences
3) Physics
4) Chemistry
5) Peace

Ques. : 5 The annual “Balikatan,” or shoulder to shoulder, exercises were conducted between which of the following two countries recently?
1) US and Philippines
2) China and Philippines
3) US and South Korea
4) South Korea and Philippines
5) Thailand and Philippines

Ques. : 6 The World Health Organization (WHO) imposed international travel restrictions on which of the following countries, recently, over their failure to control the spread of the deadly polio virus?
1) Syria
2) Cameroon
3) Pakistan
4) All the above
5) None of these

Ques. : 7 The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, recently, ruled that the govt cannot impose ____________on linguistic minority for imparting primary education.
1) Mother tongue
2) English language
3) Hindi language
4) Any foreign language
5) None of these

Ques. : 8 Giving three years’ time to comply with the new norms, the capital market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), raised the minimum net worth criteria of asset management companies from Rs 10 cr to _______earlier this year.
1) Rs 20 cr
2) Rs 30 cr
3) Rs 40 cr
4) Rs 50 cr
5) Rs 70 cr

Ques. : 9 After a long wait and legal hurdles, which of the new airlines was granted the flying licence by aviation regulator DGCA recently?
1) SkyJet Air
2) AirAsia India
3) Club One Air
4) Blue Dart Aviation
5) None of these

Ques. : 10 The ‘Nabhratna’ flying test bird aircraft was handed over to DRDO recently. Which of the following statements is/are NOT correct about the aircraft?
1) It has been developed by Mahindra Aerospace Private Limited.
2) The aircraft will be used by Bangalore based Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) as flying test bed (FTB) for evaluation of performance of various radars being developed by it.
3) This aircraft is equipped with indigenous synthetic Aperture Radar and state-of-the-art avionics and communication system.
4) The use of flying test bed (FTB) aircraft will reduce the cycle time for development for airborne system.
5) It is a modified Dornier (DO-228) aircraft.

Ques. : 11 The RBI panel on credit information submitted its report with the recommendations like providing a free copy of their credit profile to customers recently. The panel was headed by who among the following?
1) Deepak Parekh
2) Shikha Sharma
3) Aditya Puri
4) Chanda Kochhar
5) Pratip Chaudhuri

Ques. : 12 According to a recent survey conducted by the Assocham, an alarming number of children are using social networking site Facebook. This is happening in spite of the strict norms that prohibit children under age _______from opening an account on social networking sites.
1) 12 years
2) 13 years
3) 15 years
4) 16 years
5) 18 years

Ques. : 13 The UN-backed REDD+ programme is associated with which of the following? It offers incentives for developing countries.
1) Encouraging cattle herding
2) Saving endangered species
3) Control of endemic diseases
4) Reduction in carbon emissions
5) None of these

Ques. : 14 Which of the following Asian nations is all set to become Asia’s first animal cruelty-free cosmetics zone as it has introduced a draft notification that bans import of animal-tested cosmetics? A ban on animal-tested cosmetics is already in place in the country.
1) Japan
2) India
3) Sri Lanka
4) Bhutan
5) Myanmar

Ques. : 15 Uber Cup is associated with which of the following games?
1) Men’s badminton
2) Women’s badminton
3) Men’s tennis
4) Women’s tennis
5) None of these

Ques. : 16 The market borrowing programme of the State govts is finalised by the Central govt and the _______, keeping in view the provisions of Article 293(3) of the Constitution of India.
1) National Development Council
4) Planning Commission
5) None of these

1. 4) $10-11 bn
2. 1) Panama
3. 2) Golf
4. 2) Economic Sciences
5. 1) US and Philippines
6. 4) All the above
7. 1) mother tongue
8. 4) Rs 50 cr
9. 2) AirAsia India
10. 1) It has been developed by Mahindra Aerospace Private Limited.
11. 3) Aditya Puri
12. 2) 13 years
13. 4) Reduction in carbon emissions
14. 2) India
15. 2) Women’s badminton
16. 4) Planning Commission