Current Affairs Quiz With Explanation

Dear BA’ians,

We present to you a current affairs quiz for LIC AAO and other bank exams. This quiz will be provided to with detailed solution, to add to your knowledge base.

So go on and quickly solve the quiz.

1.Who has recently been appointed as first non-navy officer to head Coast Guard? 
1.Ratan Tata
3.Rajeshwar Singh
4.Rajendra Singh
5. None of these
2.The Indian government has planned to set up wi-fi facilities at 25,000 spots in the country by _______? 
1. February 2016
2.March 2016
3. April 2016
4. December 2016
5. None of these.
3.Which of the following Nation’s Women Cycling Team has been nominated by a group of Italian MPs for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for their dedication?
1. UK
2. China
4. Japan
5. None of these
4.Which of the following debit/credit card making company has recently launched new mobile technologies that will allow customers to authenticate their online purchases using selfies or fingerprints? 
5. None of these
5.Which social networking sites has announced the Telecom Infra Project, which will look at developing new and alternative technologies to build and deploy telecom infrastructure, with partners including Aricent, HCL Technologies, Intel, Nokia and T- Mobile?
2. Google+
3. Twitter
4. LinkedIn
5. None of these

6. Which of the following companies has bagged the Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Awards in the category of Best Environment-Friendly Project?
1. SAIL 
4.GVK Biosciences
5. None of these
7.Australia has replaced which of the following countries and ranked at the top of the world’s test rankings in Cricket with a 2-nil test series victory over New Zealand in Christchurch?
1.West Indies
2. South Africa
4. Sri Lanka
5. None of these
8.India has approved a $150 million credit line for the development ofChabahar port. This port is located in which of the following countries?
1. China
3. Pakistan
4. Russia
5. None of these
9.Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology and a consortium of top UK research institutions signed anMoU for establishment of a joint India-UK collaboration programme in _______?
1. Railways
3. Civil Aviation
4.Crop science 
5. None of these
10.The Indian Government has appointed three information commissioners in the Central Information Commission (CIC). Which of the following is not the appointed commissioner?
1.Amitava Bhattacharyya
4. All of the above
5. None of these.