Current Affairs Quiz

Ques. : 1 The military of which of the following countries imposed martial law in the country amid a political crisis recently? 
1) Afghanistan
2) Libya
3) Vietnam
4) Thailand
5) None of these

Ques. : 2 The Supreme Court banned ‘jallikattu’ (bull fighting) and bullock cart racing in which of the following states recently? 
1) Karnataka
2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Tamil Nadu
4) Maharashtra
5) None of these

Ques. : 3 In a breakthrough, scientists have for the first time discovered a revolutionary technique to turn light into matter. The idea was first theorised by scientists _________in 1934. 
1) Gregory Breit and John Wheeler
2) Albert Einstein
3) Max Bom and Wemer Heisenberg
4) Paul Dirac and John Bardeen
5) Michael Faraday

Ques. : 4 China lashed out at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for backing Vietnam over tensions in the South China Sea recently. Who among the following is the Secretary General of ASEAN at present? 
1) Phung Quang Thanh
2) Ong Keng Yong
3) Marty Natalegawa
4) Nguyen Tan Dung
5) Le Luong Minh

Ques. : 5 In its recent verdict, the of Supreme Court ordered interim stay on iron ore mining in which of the following states by companies whose leases have expired and directed the state govt to consider and dispose of all renewal applications within six months? 
1) Karnataka
2) Goa
3) Jharkhand
4) Odisha
5) None of these

Ques. : 6 Paleontologists have discovered fossils of the largest dinosaur ever to roam the earth in which of the following countries recently? The creature is believed to be a new species of Titanosaur. 
1) Egypt
2) Argentina
3) Chile
4) Bolivia
5) Paraguay

Ques. : 7 As announced by the Russian President, the country is all set to sign a major gas deal with which of the following countries in order to diversifying gas supply destinations amid tension in ties with the West over Ukraine? 
1) Kazakhstan
2) Pakistan
3) India
4) China
5) None of these

Ques. : 8 The ace player Rakesh Kumar, who emerged as the top money earner in a recent auction for a league, is associated with which of the following games? 
1) Kho-kho
2) Kabaddi
3) Hockey
4) Badminton
5) Football

Ques. : 9 The term of members of which of the following institutions is co-terminus with the union govt and all its members submit their resignation after the general elections? 
1) Election Commission
2) Central Vigilance Commission
3) Planning Commission
4) Finance Commission
5) None of these

Ques. : 10 Who among the following was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Bihar recently? 
1) Ramai Ram
2) Jitan Ram Manjhi
3) Basistha Narayan Singh
4) Narendra Singh
5) None of these