World Environment Day being observed today 
i. World Environment Day (‘WED’) is celebrated every
year on 5 June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive
environmental action.

ii. The theme for this year’s World Environment
Day celebrations is Think.Eat.Save.
iii. Think.Eat.Save is an anti-food waste
and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your food print.
iv. If food is wasted, it
means that all the resources and inputs used in the production of all the food
are also lost.
v. In fact, the global
food production occupies 25% of all habitable land and is responsible for 70%
of fresh water consumption, 80% of deforestation, and 30% of greenhouse gas
emissions. It is the largest single driver of biodiversity loss and land-use
vi. Several functions
being organised on Wednesday to raise awareness about environmental protection
on the occasion of world environment day, danger of Global warming looms large
as carbon content reaches all time high
vii. Through this day,
United Nations (UN) stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and
enhances political attention and action.
Nawaz Sharif formally elected Pakistan PM
i. Nawaz Sharif was formally elected
as Pakistan
‘s Prime Minister for third term on
Wed by an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly
ii. Sharif,
63, received 244 votes in the 342-member lower house of parliament during the
election conducted through a division of the House.
iii. The PML-N chief made history when he
returned to parliament after a long gap of over 13 years.
iv. His last stint as
premier ended when he was deposed in a military coup led by former army chief
Pervez Musharraf in 1999.
India, Aus to boost defence ties, maritime security 
i. India and Australia decided to boost defence ties and maritime security
and freedom of navigation is critical for growth and prosperity of Asia Pacific
and Indian Ocean regions
ii. Defence Minister A K
Antony who is the first ever Indian Defence Minister to visit Australia, had
met Stephen 
and held wide-ranging talks on shared strategic and security interests,
including maritime security and defence ties.
iii. They agreed to
continue ongoing bilateral Naval exchanges to build confidence and familiarity
between the Navies and work towards a bilateral maritime exercise in 2015.
iv. It was also agreed
to promote the sharing and exchange of professional knowledge and experiences
through participation in training courses in each other’s military training
v. Both sides agreed to
implement these defence cooperation initiatives to further strengthen the
strategic partnership between Australia and India
4.    Andhra Pradesh ties
with MIT for  better education
i. Andhra Pradesh is set to sign an
MOU with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to tap its
vast resources to help give the state’s educational system a face lift,
ii. The MOU will help strike the education platform
and open courseware of the prestigious institute located in Boston, to develop
alternative learning mechanisms in the wake of serious dearth of qualified
teaching professionals
iii. The proposed
partnership will help Andhra’s small and rural colleges to have access to the
expensive labs using the iLabs technology of the MIT.
iv. The tie-up will also
help in the development of utilisation of Open Software Interface Definitions.
v. “The MIT
faculty was pleasantly surprised to learn that Andhra Pradesh has about 700
engineering colleges and assured their cooperation in skill development,” 
vi. IT and Communications
Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah said 
“To explore this
market, India’s first electronic manufacturing cluster is to be set up in
5.    Ayaz Sadiq elected as the Speaker of the National
Assembly of Pakistan
i. Ayaz
Sadiq leader of Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) elected as the Speaker of
the National Assembly of Pakistan.
ii. He won
with 258 votes out of 313 votes
and his opponents, Shaheryar Afridi of
the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf and SA Iqbal Qadri of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement
got just 31 and 23 votes respectively.
iii. PML-N nominee
Murtaza Javed Abbasi was elected as deputy speaker of the National Assembly. He
got a total of 258 votes. 
Lydia became the first Woman to be
Elected to FIFA
i. Burundi’s Lydia
Nsekera became the first woman to be elected to the FIFA Executive Committee
(ExCo) for a full term of four years 
ii. Lydia
Nsekera is President of the Fédération de Football du Burundi since 2004 and
has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 2009.
About FIFA
i. The Fédération Internationale de Football
Association (FIFA) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1904 and
based in Zurich.
ii. It has 208 member associations and
its goal, enshrined in its Statutes, is the constant improvement of football.
iii. FIFA employs some 310 people from over
35 nations and is composed of a Congress (legislative body), Executive
Committee (executive body), General Secretariat (administrative body) and
committees (assisting the Executive Committee).
Slovenia PM sentenced 2 years in prison
i. The two-time former prime minister of Slovenia, Janez
Jansa, has been convicted of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison
ii. Mr Jansa was accused of soliciting
bribes as part of a defence deal with a Finnish manufacturer in 2006.
iii. He said the charges were politically
motivated and is expected to appeal.
iv. He was forced from office in March
amid protests over corruption and recession.

on new mission to study the sun
i. The U.S. space agency NASA is preparing to launch a new
mission to study the sun.
ii. The Interface Region Imaging
Spectrograph, or IRIS, will observe the way solar material gathers energy and
heats up as it moves through the sun’s lower atmosphere.
iii. IRIS is a small satellite with the
ability to perform complex solar observations. 
iv. NASA says IRIS will observe a range of
temperatures from about 5,000 to 65,000 degrees Celsius, and up to about 10
million degrees Celsius during solar flares.
v. The 181 million dollar mission is set
to last two years
vi. IRIS is set to launch aboard a
Pegasus XL rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on June 26.
MP Lonappan Nambadan passes away in Kochi
i. Former Kerala Minister and former
Member of Parliament, Lonappan Nambadan passed away at a private hospital in
ii. He was 77. Lonappan Nambadan, who
was elected to the state Assembly from 1977 to 2001
iii. He was elected to the Lok Sabha from
Mukundapuram constituency in 2004.
Prasanna new Grand Master 
i. V Vishnu Prasanna celebrated his new Grandmaster status by outwitting
seasoned GM Boris Chatalbashev of Bulgaria to stay in joint lead
after the end of the fourth round of Grand Europe Albena chess tournament.
ii. Winning his fourth
game of the trot, the unassuming Prasanna shares the podium with Sandro Mareco
of Argentina with a perfect score.
iii. Having crossed the 2500 rating barrier required to become a
Grandmaster as per FIDE rules, Prasanna will be looking for a career best
performance on this black sea resort.
iv. Prasanna played out a thorough entertainer against
Chatalbashev. Fortunes fluctuated a little in the opening and the queen-less
middle game that ensued but the Indian kept his cool after imprisoning a black
Bishop at the cost of some pawns.
v. The game lasted 34 moves.