Daily Motivational: 13th June 2019

“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you”

Great people who achieved true excellence had one thing in common. It’s the willingness to push beyond their limits, day in and day out, despite all the discomfort.
We know when we study hard for a day, our mind gets tired but if you have set your study goal for the particular day then how much tired your mind, how much you feel lazy, you have to push yourself to complete the daily goals.

We know to cross your limit of hard work is not a task of a day, it requires pushing yourself on a daily basis and you feel after some time you made it a habit.

Made the habit of crossing yourself because only you can do it no one else comes to replace you.
Because you can’t reach your potential unless you push yourself to your limits, or even go beyond them. You can’t discover just how much you are capable of if you don’t actively try to become the best you can do, and do the best you can do.