Daily Wordlist for RBI/IBPS Exam 2016

Meaning: destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.
Synonyms: cataclysm, catastrophe
Sentence: “There were fears of a nuclear holocaust.”

Meaning: be of the same opinion
Synonyms: be in accord, agree
Sentence: “ I concur with your assessment of the political situation”

Meaning: quell the anger, agitation, or excitement of.
Synonyms: tranquilize, quieten
Sentence: “he had to pacify angry spectators”

Meaning: a dominant or recurring idea in an artistic work.
Synonyms: theme , idea
Sentence: “superstition is a recurring motif in the book”

Meaning: annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.
Synonyms: not sharp, blunt
Sentence: “he wondered if the doctor was being deliberately obtuse”

Meaning: take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own
Synonyms: copy, pirate
Sentence: “he was fined $6,000 for having plagiarized the song”

Meaning: causing dislike or aversion
Synonyms: disagreeable or unpleasant.
Sentence: “he found such cynicism distasteful”

Meaning: the presence of something in only small or insufficient quantities or amounts.
Synonyms: fewness, bleak
Sentence: “a paucity of information”

Meaning: a scarcity or lack of something.
Synonyms: famine, meagerness
Sentence: “there is a dearth of evidence”

Meaning: tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.
Synonyms: desk-bound
Sentence: “He became sedentary later on in his life.”