Daily Wordlist for SBI Exam 2016

Meaning: not eating and drinking too much 
 Synonym: continent, self-abnegating
Sentence: “She is known as an abstemious eater and drinker.”

Meaning: to provide (someone) with what is needed for a task or activity
 Synonym: furnish,equip,gird
Sentence: “hikers accoutered with walking sticks, water bottles, trail maps, and compasses”

Meaning: to criticize (someone) severely or angrily especially for personal failings
Synonym: berate, chastise, chew out
Sentence: “ castigated him for his constant tardiness”

Meaning: kindly concern, interest, or support
Synonym: goodwill, benevolence, charity
Sentence: “ a youth club fostering amity among the city’s many and diverse ethnic groups”

 Meaning: to drive or force out
Synonym: banish, cast out, dismiss
Sentence:  “she was ousted from her job after it was proven she’d been smuggling company supplies”

6. Pilfering
 Meaning: to take (something) without right and with an intent to keep
Synonym: filch, heist, purloin
Sentence:  “what sort of person would pilfer lunches from the office refrigerator?”

7. Ostentatious
Meaning: excessively showy
Synonym: flamboyant , glitzy, razzle-dazzle
Sentence:  She wears an  ostentatious diamond ring on her little finger

Meaning: occurring before the usual or expected time 
Synonym: premature, early, unseasonable
Sentence: “a precocious baldness makes him look older than he really is”

Meaning: a sinking to a state of low moral standards and behavior
Synonym: abjection, debasement, depravity
Sentence: “pictorial advertisements for chic clothing and fragrances in which drug addiction and other forms of moral turpitude are depicted as alternative fashion statements”

10 . Lummox
Meaning: a clumsy, awkward person
Synonym: butterfingers, looby, dub
Sentence: “that player is a lummox in the outfield”