Daily Wordlist for SBI Exam

1.Dichotomy: a difference between two opposite things : a division into two opposite groups
Synonym:contradiction, incongruity, paradox
Usage:Her essay discusses the dichotomy between good and evil in the author’s novels.

2.Matrilineal:  relating to, based on, or tracing descent through the maternal line 
Synonym: matrilinear, lineal, direct
Usage:a matrilineal society
3.Brutish: cruel, violent, and stupid : resembling or suggesting a beast
Synonym: animalistic, beastly, brutal,
Usage:She is married to a brutish, drunken slob
4.Assimilate: to learn (something) so that it is fully understood and can be used
Synonym:analogize, compare, bracket,
Usage:There was a lot of information to assimilate at school.
5.Docile: easily taught, led, or controlled
Synonym:obedient, law-abiding, submissive,
Usage:His students were docile and eager to learn.

6.Acquiesce: to accept, agree, or allow something to happen by staying silent or by not arguing
Synonym:accede, agree, assent,
Usage:They demanded it, and he acquiesced.
7.Quotidian: ordinary or very common,done each day
Synonym:commonplace, everyday, familiar
Usage:plagued by a quotidian coughing fit, the result of years of smoking.
8.Juggle: to keep several objects in motion in the air at the same time by repeatedly throwing and catching them 
Synonym:artifice, device, dodge, fetch
Usage:He juggled four balls at once.

9.Umpteen: very many, indefinitely numerous
Synonym:innumerable; many.
Usage:”you need umpteen pieces of identification to cash a cheque

10.Patriarch: a man who heads a family, group, or government, a respected old man
Synonym:antediluvian, forefather,
Usage:Our grandfather was the family’s patriarch.