Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,

Here is the Daily Word list for you to improve your verbal as well as your written English. Now a days Level of English section has been increased in Competitive Exam and same will be continue for other upcoming Banking Exams. So learn these words and try to use them in your day to day lives, starting now down below in the comments section.

1.Slake (v): Quench or satisfy

Synonyms : Satiate, Relieve, Assuage
Use : The trekkers slaked their thirst in a stream near by.

2.Inveigle (v): Persuade (someone) to do something by means of deception or flattery.
Synonyms: Cajole, Wheedle, Coax
Use : My brother is going to inveigle our mother for paying  his spring trip to the Goa.

3.Loathe (v) : Feel intense dislike or disgust for.
Synonyms: Hate, Detest, Abhor, Despise
Use : She loathe her husband for cheating her.

4. Primordial (adj): Existing at or from the beginning of time, primeval.
Synonyms: Ancient,  Prehistoric, Antediluvian
Use : The primordial writing can be traced back to the cavemen.

5.Squabble (v) : Quarrel noisily over a trivial matter.
Synonyms: Quarrel, Row, Argue, Bicker
Use : Kids will squabble over the most ridiculous things.

6.Piquancy (n): A pleasantly sharp and appetizing flavour, spiciness.
Synonyms: Edge,  Tang, Spice,
Use : He imagined that that sort of thing lent a piquancy to conversation.

7.Countermand  (n) : An order revoking a previous one.
Synonyms: Quash, Scrap, Override
Use : The government’s decision to countermand prohibition made alcohol drinkers very happy.

8.Noxious (adj) : Harmful or very unpleasant.
Synonyms: Poisonous, Toxic, Deadly, Virulent
Use : You can avoid getting sick so often by frequently washing your hands to eliminate noxious bacteria and viruses.

9.Subtle (adj) : Hard to notice or see
Synonyms: precision,minute,tenuous
Use : By looking closely, I could see the subtle difference between the twins.

10.Nonentity (n) : A person or thing with no special or interesting qualities
Synonyms : cipher , Nothing
Use : The celebrity cut in front of me like I was a nonentity.

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