Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,

Here is the Daily Word list for you to improve your verbal as well as your written English. Now a days Level of English section has been increased in Competitive Exam and same will be continue for other upcoming Banking Exams. So learn these words and try to use them in your day to day lives, starting now down below in the comments section.

1.Acquiesce (v) : To agree or express agreement
Synonyms : Accept , Comply , Reconcile
Use : The administration decided to acquiesce and let the students have a quiz.

2.Behest (n): A request of great importance.
Synonyms: Instruction, Bidding, Request, Requirement
Use : The singer decided to perform two more songs at the behest of his audience. 

3.Detritus (n) : Waste or debris of any kind.
Synonyms: Debris, Waste , Rubble, Wreckage
Use : Before leaving the cafeteria, students drop their detritus in the garbage.

4.Effusive (adj): Showing or expressing gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner.
Synonyms: Gushing, Unrestrained, Extravagant, Fulsome
Use : The president was effusive in his grief for the fallen soldiers.

5.Vaunt (v) : Boast about or praise 
Synonyms:  Flaunt, Flourish
Use :The humble war hero refused to vaunt his fame.

6.Benign (adj): Gentle and kind or having no significant effect, harmless
Synonyms : Unselfish, Benevolent, Gracious, Liberal
Use :The medicine is benign in its effects and will cause you no harm.

7.Countermand  (v) : Revoke or cancel 
Synonyms: Revoke, Rescind, Undo, Withdraw
Use :The appeals court chose to countermand the lower’s court guilty verdict.

8.Tumultuous (adj): Loud, Excited, and emotional
Synonyms: Tempestuous, Stormy, Turbulent
Use :The politician’s speech was followed by tumultuous booing from the upset voters.

9.Confederate (adj) : Joined by an agreement or treaty.
Synonyms: Federal,  Allied, Associated, United
Use : Some local news channels united to form confederate councils.

10.Acrid (adj): Bitter and unpleasant in taste or smell.
Synonyms: Pungent, Bitter, Sharp, Sour, Tart,
Use : The acrid smell of a decaying corpse is enough to make anyone vomit.

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