Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam: 25th September 2018

Dear students,
Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS PO Prelims Exam: 25th September 2018
Numerical Ability or Quantitative Aptitude Section has given heebie-jeebies to the aspirants when they appear for a banking examination. As the level of every other section is only getting complex and convoluted, there is no doubt that this section, too, makes your blood run cold. The questions asked in this section are calculative and very time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Following is the Quantitative Aptitude quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

Q1. A milk seller has milk of Rs 100 per litre, in what ratio should water be mixed in that milk so that after selling the mixture at Rs 80 per litre, he get a profit of 50%?
(a) 7 : 8
(b) 7 : 9
(c) 9 : 7
(d) 7 : 5
(e) 5: 7

Q2. A person has Rs 8400. He lent a part of it at 4% and the remaining at 10/3% at simple interest. His total annual interest was Rs 294. Find the sum he lent at 4%
(a) Rs 2310
(b) Rs 2110
(c) Rs 2500
(d) Rs 2100
(e) Rs 1900

Q3. 600 g of sugar solution has 40% sugar in it. How much sugar should be added to make it 50% in the solution?
(a) 160 g
(b) 120 g
(c) 130 g
(d) 140 g
(e) 170 g

Q4. A butler stole wine from a butt of sherry which contains 15% of sprit and he replaced what he had stolen by wine containing 6% of sprit. The butt was then 9% strong only. How much of the butt did he stole?
(a) 2/3
(b) 1/3
(c) 2/5
(d) 3/5
(e) None of these

Q5. Gita buys a plot of land for Rs 36000. She sells 2/5th of it at a loss of 6%. She wants to make a profit of 10% on the whole transaction by selling the remaining land. The gain % on the remaining land is
(a) 20 %
(b) 62/3 %
(c) 14 %
(d) 7 %
(e) 16 (2/3) %

Solutions (1-5):

Directions (6-10): Find the next term in following series which follow the same sequence as followed by other terms of that series.

Q6. 134,     141,     154,     175,     206,     ?  
(a) 249
(b) 257
(c) 256
(d) 243
(e) 262

Q7. 189,     221,     266,     326,     403,     ?  
(a) 494
(b) 503
(c) 499
(d) 501
(e) 547

Q8. 12,     7.5,     5,     6,     6.5,     ?  
(a) 8.5
(b) 8.75
(c) 8.25
(d) 7.5
(e) 9.5

Q9. 962,   964,     486,     ? ,     50,     20
(a) 164
(b) 162
(c) 168
(d) 170
(e) 182

Q10. 51,     52,     58,     80,     126,     ?  
(a) 244
(b) 240
(c) 238
(d) 246
(e) 252

Solutions (6-10):

Directions (Q11 – 15): The following pie- chart shows the distribution of wages paid in an organization in 2016 -17 for seven different departments. Read the questions carefully and answer accordingly.

Q11. What is the average of the wages paid to the Daily workers, Maintainers and Guards together? 

Q12. Wage paid to the Technicians is approximately what percent of wage paid to the Daily workers? 
(a) 77%
(b) 81%
(c) 85%
(d) 75%
(e) 71%

Q13.If wage paid to the Salesmen is increased by 20% then what will be the new average of wages paid to the Salesmen, Engineers and Promoters together? 

Q14. The management decided to give an ex-gratia grant to daily workers. The grant was 20% of the total wages paid to daily workers. If a daily worker works for 54 days in a year and get Rs.800 per day after including grant, what was the number of such workers in the period 2016-17 ? 
(a) 6
(b) 10
(c) 5
(d) 11
(e) 13

Q15. If the management increased the total wages to be paid by 10% (across the board) for the year 2017-18, what was the difference between the wages paid to Technicians and those paid to Maintainers for the year 2017-18? (wage distribution remains same)
(e)None of these

Solutions (11-15):

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