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Good Evening Readers. One of the ardent follower of BankersAdda “Pinguu” has given us an article on the cricketing life of FORMER Indian Test cricketer MS DHONI and he tried to relate it with the ups and downs in life of an aspirant. So, please read the article and we hope it turns a positive page of your life..
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Sudden retirement of the most successful Indian captain MS Dhoni shocked everyone. Many believe that it’s on the cards seeing the graph of his life and his attitude towards taking decisions weather on or off the field, from making some fielding positions which no one can imagine to have a secret marriage with his child love hardly make any news.

MS Dhoni does’nt think twice whats he is doing, from dropping the legends from his team to make a team of youngster just to be a better fielding side to those silly haircuts which no one loves really. Experimentation was in his genes and he made that his power not the weakness. Even in some points he failed to get the desired result but he always backed himself.

So what can a student learn from Dhoni’s career, here are some points which we think of. You can add more to the list.

Here we go, Success and Failures are parts of life. Real winner is one who does not stick to his achievements or struggles but move on to achieve higher. In a very short span of time he has changed his life from “Ticket Collector” to “Trophy collector”

MS Dhoni has seen it all:
  • Only Captain to win 2 world cups for India
  • Taking India to No.1 ranking in both Tests and the ODI’s
  • Richest cricketer in the world beating Sachin Tendulkar comprehensively

Further adding to his vision……..
  • 2 consecutive 4-0 losses in England and Australia respectively
  • Fans pelting stones into Dhoni’s house
  • Media criticising him calling Selfish cricketer

But it hardly mattered to him he again rose like a Phoenix and won Champions Trophy in England. 

“No one is that perfect to see only successes in his life and no one is that dumb to think that failures are part of his faith. They will come and go like day and night but you have to make your composure to see off hard times and enjoy the happier time. Break the myths and have your own perception towards everything.

MS Dhoni has done so many things which the legends of the game found eccentric. In the same way while preparing it’s always good to have views of the experienced candidates but you need not to follow it blindly. You have to understand your strengths and weaknesses make a strategy according to this. Only you know yourself better than anyone else can. As MS Dhoni always did. He had his own different opinion about everything and even if it backfired, he came up and executed it again and again until he proved his point. 
So If you ever fail , stand by your decisions – that’s the best thing you can do with yourself.

One need not to be flamboyant everytime, showcasing his knowledge and pertaining himself to be the best. Always remember 

“What a dark horse can do, favourites can only dream of that”

MS Dhoni means Business and according to him Business is strictly devoted to your work. No farewell matches like Sachin. No emotional press conferences like Dravid. He came out to bat final day, bailed India out of trouble with his calm batting, managed a Draw for his country. Then, gave a SMILING INTERVIEW in the presentation ceremony and after a hour, a notice came out from BCCI that its over for MS Dhoni from test cricket.
Always remember your main motive , Rest is just a part of destiny.

When someone talks of MS Dhoni, first thing comes in our mind is “Finisher” and a “Fighter”. Winning matches for India and finish it to the last point. Don’t let it go unless you grasp it
completely. Starting innings slowly, get used to the situation and accelerate at the right time to finish at high. 
Same thing applies for every Competitive Exam preparing candidate. It hardly matters how you start you preparation but the fact that matters is how you finish. Everyone makes thousands of plans everyday and all follow it too for a very short period but with time old plans start fading and new plans start knocking and this cycle goes on and on. Its OK if you start from behind and you have lesser knowledge than your fellow mates. Just analyse the situation being focussed and patient to deliver when it matters the most. 

As the old proverbs say – “All well that ends well

Still many of you must be wondering why Dhoni retired so early, as he was riding on the high horses. Being the most successful captain of Asia, he should have played little more and achieved higher. But inside he knew that he was not performing as well as he is being doing in shorter format of the game. MS Dhoni took the important decision of getting himself out of something in which he is not that well and focussing more on the things which is made for him. 
Instead of riding two boats at the same time and finally fall off in between, we should also choose what is correct for us. Attempt every Exam, there is no harm in it but stay focussed on something you are good at. Decide within yourself what have been made for SSC CGL, IBPS PO or something else. Leave the other exams in which you are not getting the desired result, because you can do only one job at a time. 
Now freshly he can prepare better for World Cup 2015 with his new strategies and uniquely un – describable plans.

Thanku Pinguu…. 🙂