Easy Way To Learn English Vocab

Hello Readers,

you know that Vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills.
Without a strong vocabulary, you can not implement the rules of English
grammar. Memorizing vocabulary may not be your favorite
activity, but we have tried to create plenty of ways to make it more
fun. It will be helpful for upcoming exams like SBI PO 2015, NICL
Assistant 2015 and IBPS 2015. Hope you would like the post. 

1.WORD: CIRCUMSPECT( सावधान , जाग्रत , सतर्क )
Synonyms: Cautions
Meaning: If you are circumspect, you are cautious in what you do and say and do not take risks.
Example: The banks should have been more circumspect in their dealings.

2.WORD: CONTIGUOUS (सटा हुआ )
Synonyms: Adjoining
Meaning: Things that are next to each other or touch each other.
Example: Its vineyards are virtually contiguous with those of Ausone.

3.WORD: PREPOSTEROUS ( निर्तथक , असगत )
Synonyms: Absurd
Meaning: If you describe something as preposterous, you mean that is extremely unreasonable and foolish.
Example: The whole idea was preposterous.

4.WORD: DELECTATION (मनोरंजन )
Synonyms: Entertainment
Meaning: If you do something for someone’s delectation, you do it to give them enjoyment or pleasure.
Example: She makes scones and cakes for the delectation of visitors.

5.WORD: PROTAGONIST (कथा या नाटक का प्रधान पुस्र्ष)
Meaning: Someone who is a protagonist of an idea or movement is a supporter of it.
Example: The main protagonists of their countries’ integration into the world market.

6.WORD: DISCREET (विचारशील)
Meaning: If you are discreet, you are polite and careful n what you do or say, because you want to avoid embarrassing or offending someone.
Example: They were gossipy and not always discreet.

7. WORD: DILAPIDATED (पुराना, नष्ट)
Synonyms: dilapidated
Meaning:  A building that is dilapidated is old and in a generally bad condition.

8.WORD: INFERNAL (राक्षसी)
Synonyms: Devilish
Meaning: Infernal is used to emphasize that something is very annoying or unpleasant.
Example: The post office is shut, which is an infernal bore.

9.    WORD: REPRISAL (प्रतिशोध)
Synonyms: Retaliation
Meaning: If you do something to a person a reprisal, you hurt or punish them because they have done something violent or unpleasant.
Example:Witnesses are unwilling to testify through fear of reprisals.

10. WORD: WAN ( सुस्त , थका हुआ )
Synonyms: Tired
Meaning: If you describe someone as wan, you mean that they look pale and tired.
Example: He looked wan and tired.