English – Cloze Test

One day, while a poor farmer named Fleming was  ploughing his field to earn his (1); he (2) a cry for help coming from a nearby pond. He ran to the pond where he saw a terrified boy (3) to free himself. The farmer saved the boy. The next day, a a fancy carriage (4) up to the farmer’s house. An (5) dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy the farmer had saved. He offered the farmer a (6) for saving his son’s life. The farmer refused to accept payment. At that moment the farmer’s son returned home. Seeing him the nobleman said, “I’ll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the (7) of education my son would enjoy.”

The farmer’s son (8) the best schools and graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital, Medical School on London . He went on to become known throughout the world as Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. Years later the nobleman’s son was (9) with pneumonia. His life was (10) by penicillin. The nobleman’s son was Sir Winston Churchill- Prime Minister of Britain.

(a) career
(b) labour
(c) livelihood
(d) business
(e) profession

(a) expressed
(b) heard
(c) discovered
(d) uttered
(e) listened

(a) struggling
(b) attempted
(c) seek
(d) rushing
(e) tried

(a) appeared
(b) pulled
(c) entered
(d) arrived
(e) approached

(a) expensive
(b) ordinary
(c) well
(d) elegantly
(e) impressive

(a) reward
(b) thanks
(c) price
(d) cost
(e) compliment

(a) process
(b) sorts
(c) pursuit
(d) merit
(e) kind

(a) passed
(b) applied
(c) eligible
(d) went
(e) attended

(a) injured
(b) weaken
(c) sick
(d) hurt
(e) infect

(a) protect
(b) guarded
(c) prevented
(d) saved
(e) rescued