English Quiz (CLOZE TEST) For SBI : 19 May 2016

Directions for Questions(Q.1 to 10):In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case. 

Studies ..(1).. the impact of computer models to support policy-making processes in organizations have ..(2).. that client involvement in the model-building process is often a ..(3).. for effective model building. One important reason is that the process of model building is frequently more important than the resulting model. Model building itself is largely a ..(4).. process about the problem. Most ..(5).. about the characteristics of an ill-structured problem are gained during the ..(6).. process of designing a computer model, rather than after is model is finished. Another important reason is the most information in an organization ..(7).. in the mental models of organizations members. To support policy making in organizations it is this knowledge which needs to be ..(8).. and represented in the model. An important topic in client-oriented or ..(9).. model building thus becomes the ..(10).. of relevant knowledge contained in the mental models of participants.

(a) evaluating
(b) focusing
(c) projecting
(d) advocating
(e) directing 

(a) devised
(b) exhibited
(c) convinced
(d) attributed 
(e) indicated 

(a) support
(b) valuation
(c) prerequisite
(d) material 
(e) blueprint 
(a) valuable
(b) durable
(c) tedious
(d) learning 
(e) critical 

(a) thinking
(b) insights
(c) planning
(d) appreciation 
(e) opinions 

(a) elongated
(b) concentrated
(c) iterative
(d) evolving 
(e) consummate 

(a) resides
(b) follows
(c) settles
(d) lays
(e) committed 

(a) extended
(b) bisected
(c) subjected
(d) captured 
(e) attributed 

(a) revolving
(b) interactive
(c) dogmatic
(d) accentuated 
(e) formative