English Quiz For Banking : Error Finding

Directions (1-10). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will he in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is ‘E’. 

1.Special arrangements  (A) / was made  (B) / for the ‘darshan’ (C) / of the idols  (D) / No error (E)/
2.The development came just days after DMK president  (A) / M. Karunanidhi expressed the hope  (B) / that the DMDK would eventually  (C) /  join them for the elections  (D) / No error (E)/

3.According to information, (A) / a group of six student went for a bath in the river (B) / beneath the railway bridge as part  (C) / of Holi celebrations and three of them drowned (D) / No error (E)/

4.In a decision described as a Holi gift  (A) /  to over one crore Central government employees and pensioners, (B) / the Union Cabinet on Wednesday  (C) / increases Dearness Allowance by 6 per cent  (D) / No error (E)/

5.The Chairman will expressed grave concern  (A) / over four reporters and two desk staff members  (B) / of Sakshi newspaper being called  (C) / to Mangalgiri police station in Guntur district (D) / No error (E) /.

6.Bhagat Singh played, (A) / in the hours and days after his hanging, (B) / a role that history will not recognised, (C) / acknowledged or learnt from  (D) / No error (E) /

7.Gandhi said that (A) / through the Karachi Congress (B) / and later that he deplored (C) / the cult of assassination and political violence (D) /  No error (E) /

8. Bomb attacks that have  (A) /  killed at least 31 people at the airport  (B) / and a metro station in the Belgian capital demonstrate that jihadists  (C) / remain a serious security threat to European societies  (D) / No error (E) /

9.Bengaluru have witnessed many (A) / incidents of accident victims being  (B) / denied treatment at hospitals or delays in  (C) / taking victims to hospitals in time (D) / No error (E) /

10.Universities is (A) / meant to provide a space  (B) / for free and informed (C) / debate and mutual learning (D) / No error (E) /