English Quiz for SBI exam 2016

Dear Students, We are providing you English Quizzes based on today’s THE HINDU Newspaper. The content and Language of this article will help you in your overall understanding of English language. 

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the Olympic Games …(1)… to be held in August …(2)… Rio de Janeiro will go ahead, the Zika virus …(3)… . An Emergency Committee meeting …(4)… by the WHO Director-General said there is “very low risk” of the virus spreading globally as a consequence of the Games being …(5)… in Brazil. The local mosquito population level is expected to …(6)… sharply in August, the Brazilian mid-winter, and the annual infection rate is expected to peak before that. Intensive vector-control measures at and around the venue will reduce …(7)… risks. It is possible that a few individuals …(8)… get infected and contribute to a global spread and start …(9)… a new chain of local transmission. But the risk will be the same as in any country where the local transmission of the Zika virus is …(10)… ; it does not get amplified even when thousands come together, as the committee has noted.

(a) scheduled
(b) plan
(c) scheme
(d) organised
 (a) therewith
(d) in
(e) on
(a) along with
(b) notwithstanding
(c) withstanding
(d) henceforth
(e) herewith
(a) convened
(b) call
(c) had
(d) there
(e) out
(a) play
(b) apprehended
(c) happen
(d) hold
(e) held
(a) go
(b) drop
(c) fell
(d) happen
(e) lean
(a) suspension
(b) suspicion
(c) transmission
(d) transportation
(a) may
(b) might
(c) ought to
(d) will not
(e) hence
(a) of
(b) off
(c) on
(d) at
(e) among
(a) progress
(b) coming
(c) going
(d) ongoing
(e) showing

1.Answer- (a); scheduled refer to ‘included in’ or planned according to a schedule.
2.Answer- (d); ‘In’ is used before the name of bigger places such as city, country, continent.
3.Answer- (b); notwithstanding means in spite of
4.Answer- (a); convened means come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble.
5.Answer- (e); held which is past participle of hold is the correct answer here.
6.Answer- (b); here drop refer to make or become lower, weaker, or less.
7.Answer- (c); Transmission means the action or process of transmitting something or the state of being transmitted.
8.Answer- (a); ‘Might’ is used to express  the sense of ‘less possibility’ while ‘May’ is used to express the sense of ‘more possibility’. Hence here in the given context ‘may’ is the correct answer.
9.Answer- (b); ‘off’ is used in the sense of leading away from something.
10.Answer- (d); ‘ongoing’ means continuing; still in progress.