English Quiz for SBI exam 2016

Directions (1-10): In each of the statements below, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Out of the four options, choose the one which best replaces the highlighted phrase.

Q1. This is one of the most important inventions of this century.
(a) Invention of this century 
(b) Invention of these centuries 
(c) Inventions of centuries 
(d) inventing off century 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – No improvement

Q2. The player was asked that why he had not attended the prayer.
(a) That way he has not 
(b) That why had he not
(c) Why he had not 
(d) where him has not 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – Why he had not

Q3. He hesitated to listen to what his brother was saying.
(a) Hesitates to listened to  
(b) listened to hesitate 
(c) hesitates to listening 
(d) listening to hesitating 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – No Improvement

The given sentence is grammatically correct. Simple past tense is correctly used.

Q4. Though we have kept in mind to try and maintain most facilities, we would like to request you to kindly bear with us in case of any inconvenience.
(a) Had kept in mind to try and maintain 
(b) Must keep in mind to try and maintain 
(c) Would keep in mind to try and maintain 
(d) was keeps in mind to tried maintain 
(e) No improvement
Answer – No improvement

The given sentence is grammatically correct. Present perfect tense is correctly used.

Q5. We met him immediately after the session in which he had been given a nice speech.
(a) Has been given 
(b) Would be giving 
(c) Had given 
(d) was being giving 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – Had given

Past perfect tense will be used only.

Q6. The drama had many scenes which were so humorous that it was hardly possible to keep a straight  face.
(a) Hardly impossible to keep 
(b) Hardly impossible keeping 
(c) Hardly impossible for keeping 
(d) hard keep face possible 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – No improvement

The given sentence is grammatically correct.

Q7. Acquisition of certain specific skills will be facilitated from general awareness, education, and  exposure to novel situation.
(a) Can be facilitated from 
(b) May facilitate through 
(c) Can be facilitated by 
(d) will be facilitated off  
(e) No improvement 
Answer – Can be facilitated from

‘can be facilitated from’ is correct form of the sentence structure.

Q8. The research study is an eye-opener and attempts to acquaint us with the problems of the poor  nations.
(a) Attempting to acquaint 
(b) Attempts acquainting 
(c) Attempted to acquaint 
(d) attempting too acquaint 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – No improvement

The given sentence is grammatically correct.

Q9. If I would have realized the nature of the job earlier, I would not have accepted it. 
(a) If I would 
(b) In case I would have 
(c) Had I 
(d) I has had 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – Had I

Rule of Inversion is used here. Use of verb before the subject ‘I’.

Q10. The man who has committed such a serious crime must get the mostly severe punishment.
(a) Got the mostly severely 
(b) Get the most severe 
(c) Have got the most severely 
(d) has got mostly severed 
(e) No improvement 
Answer – Get the most severe
‘get the most severe’ is correct word order.

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