English Quiz: LIC AAO and Specialist Officer

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We are providing you English Quiz for upcoming LIC AAO Exam and this is one of the topic of LIC AAO syllabus. Practice these Quizzes as much as you can. We will daily Post Quizzes  based on LIC AAO Exam pattern and syllabus.  

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are also printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

A good percentage of the population of India is tribal. The tribals live in the hills and forests of the country; and have been little…….(1)……. by the …….(2)……. currents of the plains. Practically all the states of India have their tribal population. The tribes are numerous, computed to be about 200, some living in…….(3)…….regions in dense forests, and others on the borders of villages. Some tribes are …….(4)…….to a few souls, while others like the Santhals run into millions and are steadily…….(5)…….in numbers. During the British period some of them were known as criminal tribes for they showed…….(6)…….respect for the Indian Penal Code. After independence they have been named Scheduled Tribes. Under modern conditions isolation, however, has become…….(7)…….and the hill tribes are getting…….(8)…… .The cultural traffic is two-way. Social reformers are taking civilization to the hills, and the tribes, …….(9)……. their old occupations of hunting and…….(10)…….farming, are settling in villages, towns and cities as labourers and workers.
(a) affected
(b) domiciled
(c) motivated
(d) deprived 
(e) favoured 

(a) financial 
(b) proud
(c) cultural 
(d) unruly 
(e) swift 

(a) comfortable 
(b) marshy
(c) wild
(d) unpopulated
(e) inhospitable 
(a) devoted 
(b) confined
(c) susceptible 
(d) related 
(e) attached

(a) constant 
(b) deteriorated 
(c) developing 
(d) increasing 
(e) decreasing 

(a) abundant
(b) genuine 
(c) superficial 
(d) exorbitant 
(e) scant 

(a) crucial 
(b) necessary 
(c) difficult 
(d) convenient 
(e) indispensable 

(a) civilized 
(b) demoralized 
(c) wiped-out
(d) entertained 
(e) reduced 

(a) escaping 
(b) with 
(c) enhancing
(d) leaving 
(e) continuing 

(a) productive
(b) primitive
(c) profitable 
(d) cultivable 
(e) scientific 
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1. (a)
2. (c)
3. (e)
4. (b)
5. (d)
6. (e)
7. (c)
8. (a)
9. (d)

10. (b)

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