Read each
sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. . If there is no error, the answer is (4), i.e. ‘No Error’. (Ignore the
errors of punctuation. If any)

1.    Unless it
is accepted to both the parties, an (1)/ arbitrator would be of no (2)/ use to
settles this dispute.(3), No error (4)

2.    Although
the manager was keen on getting the work (1)/ done through Sudhir yesterday,
(2)/ he tries to avoid it.(3) No error (4)

3.    These
days job opportunities are not as better (1)/ as thus need to be (2)/ in the
early 70’s.(3) No error (4)

4.    When
viewed with his point of view, the (1)/ entire episode assumes (2)/ a different
colour altogether.(3) No error (4)

5.    On many
occasions (1)/ we did helped the poor (2)/ people by giving them food to eat
and clothes to put on.(3) No error (4)
Directions (6-10): In these
questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled with an appropriate
word(s).Four alternative are suggested for each question. Choose the correct
alternative out of the four alternatives.

6.    The flash
of the torch ____a cobra.
(1) exposed                        (2) displayed
(3) disclosed                      (4) revealed

7.    He ___
himself a stiff drink before making his statement to the police officer.
(1) threw                            (2) poured
(3) filled                             (4) sipped

8.    All jobs
are respectable ___ of their nature.
(1) irrelevant                      (2) immaterial
(3) irresponsible                (4)

9.    The
statue was so ____ that people stared at it in horror.
(1) grotesque                     (2) exquisite
(3) beatific                         (4)

10.  Ramesh
was caught red-handed and could not ___ the charges.
(1) refute                           (2)
(3) rebuke                         (4)
Answers with Explanations

1. (1)
Unless it is acceptable to both the
parties should be used. The word acceptable
(adjective) means: agreed or approved.

2. (3) Here principal clause is in past
tense. Hence, he tried (past) to avoid it should be used here.

3. (1) As……as is used to compare two
persons or things. Hence job opportunities are not as
good as should be used.

4. (1)
Here, there is preposition related error. When viewed from his point of view should be used.

5. (2) To
emphasize a view point Do/Does/Did are used with full verb. Hence, we did help the poor should be used.
Answers with Explanations

6. (4) revealed – if you reveal something that
has been out of sight, you uncover it so that people can see it.

7.(4) sipped           –
A sipped is a small amount of drink that 
you take into your mouth.

8.(4) irrespective
– If something is irrespective mean that it is not affected or should not be
affected by that thing.

9. (1) grotesque
– You say that something is grotesque when it is so unnatural, unpleasant and
exaggerated that it upsets or shocks you.   

10.(1) refute. If you refute an argument accusation
theory, you prove that it is wrong or untrue.