GA Questions asked in CLERK MAINS: Day 1 Second Shift

Dear Readers,
These are the questions which were asked in today’s exam.

1. International Maritime Organization Headquarters.
Ans. London

2. Kanha National Park is located in
Ans. Madhya Pradesh

3. BRICS Headquarters is located in
Ans. Shanghai

4. SAARC Summit 2016 to be held in
Ans. Islamabad

5. Capital city of Turkey
Ans. Ankara

6. Currency of Russia
Ans. Ruble

7. Accidental Insurance Cover comes under
Ans. PMSBY (Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna)

8. IDFC Headquarters
Ans. Mumbai, Maharashtra

9. Recently Laxmi Vilas Bank has introduced its co-branded credit card in association with which bank

Ans. SBI

10. Macau Open 2015 winner

Ans. PV Sindhu

11. _________ has earned itself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the state government’s green drive under which 10 lakh saplings were planted in one day within a span of eight hours.

Ans. Uttar Pradesh

12. Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Ans. David Cameron

13. Subir Gokaran is appointed as

Ans. Executive Director

14. 12th Jan is celebrated as National Youth Day in memory of
Ans. Swami Vivekanand

15. 5-10 Lakhs loan limits under mudra yojna comes under

Ans. Tarun 

16. Full form of ECR

Ans. Earnings Credit Rate

17. OMO is an instrument of

Ans. RBI

18. Conversion of Physical Security in Electronic Form


19. Indian Overseas Bank Headquarter

Ans. Chennai

20. BASEL norms is related to

Ans. Banking

21. Date of implementation of Bharat Stage Vth

Ans. 2019

22. One question is related to FEMA

23. New currency included in IMF
Ans. Chinese Yuan

24. One question was related to Mahip Singh

25. One Question on ante dated cheque

26. Minimum denomination of Kisan Vikas patra
Ans. Rs. 1000

27. Bharat ratna starting year-1954

28. C in ECB- Commercial Borrowings

29. ADB hq- Manila

30. Bandhan bank is a  co-operartive or commercial bank?-Commercial Bank