Gateway to SBI Mains : English Quiz on Spotting Error

Find the Error in the following .If No error found select (E) as the answer. 

1. What to speak (A)/ of proper medical (B)/ treatment (C)/ even first aid was not given (D)/ to him. No error (E)
2.. The reason (A)/ why she is (B)/ absent today (C)/ is because (D)/ her husband is ill. No error (E)
3. I never (A)/ remember (B)/ to have met (C)/ this gentleman in (D)/ Baroda. No error (E)

4. Don’t worry (A)/, I shall (B)/ be back (C) in a few minutes (D)/ and join you. No error (E)
5. You are (A) / wrong, I never spoke (B)/to her (C)/ on telephone (D)/ this morning. No error (E)
6. The scenery (A)/ of Kodaikanal (B)/ are not (C)/ doubt very (D)/ beautiful. No error (E)
7. All the gentries (A)/ were invited (B)/ to the (C)/ college annual (D)/day function. No error (E)
8. She has been (A)/ advised to (B)/ live on vegetables (C)/ and fruits. (D)/ No error (E)
9. They have (A)/ purchased many (B) items of furnitures (C)/ for their new (D)/ bungalow. No error (E)
10. Dozen of (A)/ apples were (B)/ distributed among the (C)/ boys by the (D)/ class teacher. No error (E)
11. They had to (A)/ face much troubles (B) during their (C)/ journey to West (D)/ Bengal. No error (E)
12. Most of (A)/ the five-years (B)/plans of India (C)/ have been (D)/ successful. No error (E)
13. One of (A)/ my student (B)/ tells me (C)/ that she has failed (D)/in English. No error (E)
14. She is (A)/ more cleverer (B)/ than any (C)/ other girl of (D)/ her age. No error (E)
15. Harder (A)/ you work (B)/, the better (C)/ division you (D)/ get. No error (E)
1. (A) Not to speak of 
2. (D) Replace ‘because’ with ‘that’ 
3. (A) I do not remember
4. (C) I shall come back 
5. (B) I did not speak 
6. (C) is no doubt 
7. (A) All the gentry 
8. (D) fruit (not fruits) 
9. (C) of furniture (not furnitures) 
10. (A) Dozens (not dozen) 
11. (B) much trouble (not troubles) 
12. (B) five year plans (not five-years) 
13. (B) Students (not student) 
14. (B) Delete ‘more’ 
15. (A) Add ‘The’ before ‘harder’