General Awareness Questions for IBPS RRB Mains 2016

Q1. The Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at…………?
(a) Malda, West Bengal
(b) Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
(c) Jaipur, Rajasthan
(d) Patna, Bihar
(e) Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir

Q2. Name the player, who reclaimed the number one spot in Test rankings for bowlers?
(a) Mitchell Starc
(b) James Anderson
(c) Imran Tahir
(d) Ravichandran Ashwin
(e) Dale Steyn
Q3. How much amount India has donated to the Nelson Mandela Foundation?
(a) Rs. 15.5 million 
(b) Rs. 1.7 million 
(c) Rs. 9.3 million
(d) Rs. 38.1 million 
(e) None of the above
Q4. The Arena by TransStadia in __________, venue of the ongoing Kabaddi World Cup, is India’s first convertible stadium. 
(a) Jaipur
(b) Ahmedabad
(c) Kolkata
(d) Mumbai
(e) New Delhi
Q5. Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particularly performed to the beats of Dholki, a percussion instrument. It is a genre of music popular in?
(a) Gujarat
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Goa
(e) Maharashtra

Q6. Sariska National Park is an area which is strictly reserved for the betterment of the wildlife & biodiversity, and where activities like developmental, forestry, poaching, hunting and grazing on cultivation are not permitted. Sariska National Park is located in which of the following state?
(a) Bihar
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Gujarat
(e) Madhya Pradesh
Q7. RTGS are specialist funds transfer systems where transfer of money or securities takes place from one bank to another. RTGS stands for?
(a) Real Time Gross Settlement
(b) Real Time Gross Statement
(c) Real Time Gross Service
(d) Real Time Gross System
(e) None of the above 
Q8. The CRA to deal with any short-term balance of payments pressures the grouping’s member nations face of BRICS nations became operational recently. CRA stands for? 
(a) Contingent Reserve Arrangement
(b) Capital Reserve Arrangement
(c) Common Reserve Arrangement
(d) Contingent Reverse Association
(e) Contingent Repo Agency
Q9. Who among the following won the women’s singles title of the 2016 China Open?
(a) Johanna Konta
(b) Agnieszka Radwanska
(c) Angelique Kerber
(d) Petra Kvitova
(e) Caroline Wozniacki
Q10. A committee appointed by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has suggested an overhaul in transmission planning to facilitate transfer of power on economic principles. The committee, headed by……….? 
(a) Anand Sinha
(b) NS Viswanathan
(c) Mata Prasad
(d) HR Nagendra
(e) Madhukar Gupta
Q11. In Regional Rural Banks, Central government holds 50% capital and Sponsored bank holds 35% capital. Who holds the remaining 15% capital?
(a) RBI
(d) State Government
(e) LIC
Q12. In the Population Census of 2011, what was the ratio of females per 1000 males?
(a) 940
(b) 890
(c) 1084
(d) 901
(e) None of the above
Q13. Andhra Bank is a medium-sized public sector bank of India, with a network of 2803 branches, 4 extension counters, 38 satellite offices and 3636 automated teller machines as of 31 Mar 2016. What is the tagline of Andhra Bank?
(a) A tradition of trust
(b) India’s International Bank
(c) Relationships beyond Banking
(d) Banking for all
(e) Much more to do with You in focus
Q14. Name the central bank of the United Kingdom and the model on which most modern central banks have been based. Established in 1694, it is the second oldest central bank in the world. 
(a) Bank of UK
(b) Bank of England
(c) Bank of London
(d) Bank of Lancashire
(e) None of the above
Q15. Which among the following banks has been conferred with the Export Excellence Award 2014-15 in the Best Financial Institution Category (Southern Region), in recognition of the bank’s Forex Earnings and Services to Exporters.
(a) ICICI Bank
(b) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(c) Punjab National Bank
(d) State Bank of India 
(e) South Indian Bank