GK + Comp + Marketing Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam – 27 July 2014 (Both Shifts)

Dear readers, here we are posting some of the questions of GK + Computer & Markeing sections which was asked in 27th July SBI Clerk Exam (Both Shift).

Following questions were shared by our readers with us.

GK + Comp + Marketing Questions 

1. Committee on financial inclusion: Nachiket Mor Committee 

2. 150 km missile launched by DRDO recently: Prithvi

3. Minister of Social Justice and empowerment: Thawar Chand Gehlot

4. Bhartiya Mahila Bank Chairman: Usha Ananthasubramanium

5. Banks Nationalization: 1969

6.Capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires

7. Official Currency of Indonesia: Indonesian Rupiah

8. Vijay Sheshadri won Pulitzer prize for: “3 Sections”

9. Which state don’t shares the border with Telangana: Jharkhand

10. Constituency of Nitin Gadkari: Nagpur

11. Recently PM inaugurated a hydro power plant at which place: Uri (J & K)

12. Press freedom day: 3 May 

13. Bank is liable for which bank account?

14. Which is a negotiable instrument?

15. Which is a Govt. security bond?

16. RBI  established in: 1935

17. Who is the current Food & Consumer Affairs minister: Ram Vilas Paswan

18. World Tourism Day is celebrated on: 27 September 

19. Gillette cup is associated with which sports: Cricket 

20. Which of the following cannot use for payment?

21. One question on Cheque?

22. What is the aim of planning commission?

23.Which bank is intermediary between NBFC?

24. Kaveri river water dispute between which states: Karnataka & Tamil Nadu

25. World’s highest railway tunnel?

26. Full form of CD-R: Compact Disc Recordable

27. Marketing information includes?

28. Target marketing includes?

29. Qualities of good sales person?

30. Aggressive marketing is due to?

31. Which is most costlier computer?

32. MS word is a type of: Application Software

33. Printer is an ……device: Output device

34. Which of the following is output device?

35. Which is essential for successful marketing?

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