GK + Computer Questions Asked SBI PO Exam 5 July 2014 (Morning Shift)

Dear readers, here we are posting some of the questions of GK and Computer sections which was asked in today’s SBI PO Exam (Morning Shift).

Following questions were shared by our readers with us.

GK Question

1. Who won French open Men’s Title – Rafal Nadal

2. Name the leader of anti apartheid movement in who’s honour award is being named: Nelson Mandela

3. CASA full form: Current Account Saving Account

4. G7 summit held in: Brussels (Belgium). 

5. Former Indian captain in Mudgal committee: Sourav Ganguly 

6. Maximum amount drawn through ATM in a day?

7. Who cannot issue CD (certificate of deposit)?

8. One question on SAARC Nations?

Some Computer Question

1. One question on ROM?

2. One question on Motherboard?

3. Limit to withdraw from POS?

4. One question on Operating System?

  • We request you to Share more Gk, Computer and Marketing questions with us.