G.K Pointer Based On G.K Updates

1. Every Year 30th March is observed as which day?

2. Expand the UNICEF?

3. Name the singer who has entered into the Guinness World Records recently?

4. Industrial Policy & Promotion Department comes Under which ministry?

5. The government permitted how much FDI percentage in the marketplace format of e-commerce retailing with a view to attract more foreign investors?

6. Uber Technologies Inc. launched Bike-sharing service Uber MOTO in which city?

7. Which organisation is all set to launch 22 satellites in a single mission?

8. Who is the chairman of TRAI?

9. Name the person who has launched the ‘Make In India’ conference recently?

10. Reliance Defence Ltd have agreed to set up a JV in the specialized areas of air-to-air missiles to which country?