GK Questions asked in SBI Associates Assistant exam – 25th January (Evening Shift)

Here we are posting some of the GK questions asked in the SBI Associates Clerk Exam,
Dera Readers, Thanks for sharing these questions.
  • Capital of Canada – Ottawa
  • Bhutanese currency – Ngultrum
  • CEO of NITI aayog – Sindhushree Khullar
  • Who is Shinzo Abe – Japenese Prime Minister
  • Who among the following was one of the previous RBI governor – Y V Reddy
  • Who amng the following is not in the ex officio’s list in NITI – 5 ministers were given(Members of NITI Aayog Arun jaitely, Rajnath Singh, Suresh Prabhu and Radha Mohan Singh)
  • PK movie director – Raj Kumar Hirani
  • World water day – 22nd March
  • Minister of Road Transport and Highways – Nitin Gadkari
  • World Environment Day is observed on – 05 June
  • Author of “God of small things” – Arundhati Roy
  • WU-14 is launched by- China
  • Speed of Computer is measured in- Hertz
  • New chief of RAW – Mr. Rajinder Khanna
  • Headquarter of International Maritime Organization (IMO) is situated at – London, UK.
  • Strait time person of the year – Narender Modi
  • Wular Fresh lake in which state of India-Jammu and Kashmir
  • Name of boxer recently banned – Sarita Devi
  • Bandhavgarh National Park is in which state – Madhya Pradesh
  • 1 question from Fiscal deficit