GK Quiz

1.    Recently which among the following
player won the Silver medal for India at the 3rd China Open boxing
(1) Jaideep Singh                          (2)
Ajay Kumar
(3) Manjeet Singh                         (4)
Sunil Kumar
(5) None of these

2.    Vijay Kelkar Committee was constituted
for ____?
(1) Frame Rules for Foreign Investors
to suggest a roadmap for
fiscal consolidation
(3) Bhopal
Gas Disaster
(4) to give report on
decontrol of sugar industry
(5) None of these
3.    Which among the following countries
became the 5th country to Ratify Istanbul Convention?
(1) Iraq                              (2) Syria
(3) Italy                              (4) Portugal
(5) None of these
4.    Recently Union
Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD)
set up a Committee to examine aspects related indecent
depiction of women in mass media
. Who is the head of the
(1) K. Ratna
Prabha                      (2) Dr. Charu
(3) Prof.
Shefali Bhagat                (4) Priyanka
(5) Mamta
5.    Recently Barack Obama nominated James Comey as the next FBI (Federal Bureau
of Investigation) Director.
He will succeed _____?
(1) Louis
Freeh                  (2) Stanley Finch
(3) William
J. Burns          (4) Robert Mueller
(5) None
of these

6.    Recently 39th G-8 Summit
held in which among the following country?
(1) China                           (2) Russia
(3) France                                     (4) USA
(5) UK
7.    As per RBI’s assessment, wholesale
price index (WPI) based inflation is expected to be range bound around 5.5 per
cent during 2013-14.
(1) 3.5%                            (2) 4.5%
(3) 5.5%                            (4) 6.5%
(5) None
of these
8.    To which among the following countries
NTPC has ink an agreement for the execution of the proposed 2 x 250 MW Sampur
power project?
(1) Bangladesh                  (2) Nepal
Pakistan                                   (4)
(5) Sri
9.    “Umeed” a central social welfare
scheme for poor rural women launched in which State/UT?
(1) Goa                              (2) Andhra Pradesh
J&K                              (4) Himachal Pradesh
(5) None of
10.  Which among the following Indian Film
Bags Yellow Oscar Award at the Uranium Film Festival at
Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil?
(1) Laggan                         (2)
High Power
(3) Printed Rainbow          (4) Little Energy
(5) None of these
with Explanations:
(3) Manjeet Singh

baged a Silver medal for India at
the 3rd China Open boxing tournament. Manjeet, who beat Wang Zhi
Bao from China in the semis, was up against another local lad Akepeer Yusuf of the China B team in the fight for the yellow metal.
The Vijay Kelkar Committee, which was
appointed by Finance Ministry to suggest a roadmap for fiscal consolidation,
has suggested immediate hike in fuel prices and complete deregulation of diesel
prices by start of 2014-15 fiscal.
(3) Italy
ratified Istanbul Convention which aims to combat violence against
Thus approval makes Italy the fifth country to actually ratify the Council of Europe convention. The other countries
that have ratified the Istanbul Convention are 
EU candidate countries Turkey and
Montenegro, and EU potential candidate country Albania.

4. (1) The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) has
set up a committee to finalize modalities for a 
media campaign against
indecent portrayal of women in mass media.
committee will be headed by 
WCD Additional Secretary K.
Ratna Prabha
 and will comprise senior members from the Union Ministry of
Information and Broadcasting among others.

He will succeed Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller held the post of FBI Director since
2001 and will retire after completing 12 years of his service to FBI as its

6.(5) Recently 39th G8 summit at Lough Erne near Enniskillen in County Fermanagh in
Northern Ireland, UK on 17-18 June 2013.
It was the Sixth G8 Summit to
be held in the United Kingdom.
7. (3) As per RBI’s assessment, wholesale
price index (WPI)-based inflation is expected to be rangebound
around 5.5 per cent during
8. (5) NTPC has an ink an agreement for the execution
of the proposed 2 x 250 MW Sampur power project in Trincomalee in Sri Lanka by
early next month.
short film 
‘High Power’, has
won the
 ’Yellow Oscar’ award at the Uranium
Film Festival
 at Rio-de-Janeiro,
Brazil. This film (made in 2012) is based on the project- affected
people of Tarapur Atomic Power Station.