G.K. Quiz on Current Affairs

1.    World Refugee Day observed on ___?
(1) 22 April                                    (2) 20 June
(3) 21 May                                    (4) 24 July
(5) None of these

2.    Which among the following organization
to provide $225 million loan to India for AIDS Control Project ‘National
AIDS Control Project (NACP-IV)’
to promote
safe behaviour among high risk groups?
(1)  World Bank                
(2) ADB
(Asian Development Bank)
 Programme on HIV/AIDS
(4) UNDP
(5) None of these
3.    Which among the following cities to
host World Economic Forum (India chapter) on
November 8 and 9?
(1) Bangalore       
(4) Kochi
(5) None
of these
4.    A book “The Future is Now” written by:
(1) Abhinav Adiga
(2) Chetan Bhagat
(4) Mrinal Pandey
(5) Alok Mehta
5.    Who among the following has been
appointed as the new Chairman of Air Asia?
(1) Ratan Tata
Subramanian Ramadorai
(3) Arun
Sachin Verma
(5) None
of these
6.    World highest wind tunnel to open in
(1) India
(2) USA
(3) China
(4) Australia
(5) Dubai

7.    Professor Ramdarash Mishra conferred
with the Vyas Samman for the year___?
(1) 2012                               (2) 2011
(3) 2010                                (4) 2013
(5) None
of these
8.    Gershwin Prize given in which among
the following field?
Science                                   (2)
Literature                                 (4)
(5) Art
9.    46th annual meeting of the
Manila –based multilateral lending agency held in _____?
(1) Gurgaon                      (2) New Delhi
Greater Noida              (4) Bangalore
10.  Recently Which among the following company become first company
to  suspend gold sales
(1) Muthoot Finance Corp.
(2) Mannapuram Finance Gold Loan
(3) Reliance Capital
(4) HDFC
(5) SBI

with Explanations:
1. (2) World Refugee Day is being observed on 20th June every year. This year the theme of the day is
Take One Minute to Support
a Family Forced to Flee

2. (1) World Bank will provide USD 255 million (Rs 1,499.6 crore)
loan to India for National AIDS Control Project to promote safe behaviour among
high risk groups.
agreement for loan of USD 255 million (equivalent) from World Bank for the 
‘National AIDS Control Project
 was signed in New
Delhi on Tuesday between India and the World Bank

3. (4) Kochi will host the 29th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (India
chapter) on November 8 and 9.
The Chief
Minister of Kerala along with officials of the World Economic Forum announced
on 18 June 2013 that the 29th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (India
chapter) scheduled for 8 November 2013 and 9 November 2013 will be hosted by
Kochi, Kerala.

Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development
Shashi Tharoor’s latest edited book
brings together India’s young parliamentarians, cutting across ideologies,
geographies and political affiliations

(2) Subramanian Ramadorai,
former head of the
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was appointed as the Chairman of AirAsia India

The world’s highest wind tunnel, standing 20 meters
tall and five meters wide, is set to open in Dubai this summer
(2) Professor Ramdarash Mishra

and Dr Narendra Kohli were conferred with the Vyas Samman on 23 May 2013 for
the year 2011 and 2012 respectively.
Professor Ramdarash Mishra (89) was honoured with the award for his collection
of poems Aam ke Patte. Dr Narendra Kohli (73) was honoured for his historical
novel Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati. Vyas Samman was instituted by the K.K. Birla
(4) Music
46th annual
general meeting of the Manila-based multilateral lending agency held at Greater Noida.
on Friday became the first
company to suspend gold sales across all its businesses.
The suspension would also apply to supply of gold coins by Reliance
Capital for sale through India Post