How to fill preferences in IBPS PO – 4?

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It is based
on following facts—

Based on Headquarters of the banks-

Based on headquarters you can choose your preference
as you can have an idea of your future postings. Banks such as Syndicate,
Andhra have a good customer base in Southern part of India, So if you are a
south guy you can choose your preferences accordingly, similarly is the case
with United bank of India which have its root and strong hold in the eastern

Who should keep these facts in mind-
·        If you are a girl and want to get posted in
nearby your time consider this point in mind.

·        If you are preparing for other exams, such as
SSC, Civil services and CAT,and want to be in a familiar place to concentrate
on your ultimate option you should keep this fact in mind.

Banks and their Headquarters

Based on the
area of your choice-
If you want
to get posted exclusively in metro cities you should go only for banks such as
ECGC, Bhartiya mahila Bank, IDBI etc. And if you are OK wth any other postings
in B,C level cities you can choose other options, though one thing has to keep
in mind as there are limited vacancies in these banks so you have to be among
the toppers to get your preference.
On the basis
of number of branches :

This should
be the first factor that you need to concentrate on. A bigger bank has more
number of branches and vice-versa. A bank with more number of branches will
have more number of employees. And more number of employees and branches means
there will be more number of vacancies. Also the chances of promotions will be
more in the banks which has more branches as compared to a bank which have
lesser branches.

Ranking of banks on the basis of the number of branches

On the basis
of net profit of the banks :
You can also
choose the bank on the basis of net profit , a bank which is enjoying a good
run will have a sound goodwill in the market and will eventually help a
newcomer like you in working smoothly and with quick results as well.

At the end It
is your personal choice:

Most of the
PSU Banks (under IBPS) offer similar kind of salary structure and also follow a
similar kind of promotion policy (except few employee favourable policies of
Punjab National bank & Bank of Baroda). So, which bank is good for me, is
basically a personal choice.

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