Dear Readers,
The shockwave of SBI PO Mains clearly indicates that IBPS PO is also not going to be same as was since years! So, many questions must be arising in your mind that what to do in this situation? How to Prepare? What to prepare? Where to get the materials? And many more……

The days of 5 types of questions and 5 sections are gone now. If you are still preparing to attempt 5 ques of syllogism, 5 coding-decoding, 5 machine input-output, 3 puzzles, 2 direction sense and 2 blood relation, or say, 5 inequality, 5 number series, 10 DI and remaining miscellaneous, or further say, 10 cloze test, 10 RC, 5 double fillers, 5 error detection, 5 para jumbles —– then my friends, you are not in the race now!

So, let us tell you clearly that rote learning is not going to help you anyway this time. You need to be very clear in the concepts. You need to practice a lot! You need to practice variety. You need to practice innovative. You need to prepare previous as well as expected. You need to sharpen your brain. And you need to be the best! Yes! the best! Only best will get a place and remaining will take rest! So, don’t be one to take rest! Be the best!

So, let us discuss the measures which you can take in order to improve your performance during the exam. 

1) Study the concepts in depth. Do not just rely on the shortcuts and tricks. If something is happening in any question then make a habit of asking ‘Why’ and ‘How’.

2) Try to explore more and more. Solve the variety of questions. Do not just move on because you are not getting how to approach the particular question. Just peep inside the each and every aspect of the question. See the solution and understand the concept. And try another similar one.
3) Practicing the difficult questions does not mean that you have to leave the easier ones. You need to practice those also as that easy question may also appear in the exam. But lack of practice makes even the simple questions difficult in the exam hall.
4) Attempt more and more speed tests. After finishing the mock, solve those questions also which you could not be able to solve in the stipulated time.

5) Study for yourself, and not because someone is forcing you to study. Because unless and until you develop interest towards the subject, you will not be able to pass in that.

6) Do not be a paper setter, be an exam candidate only while attempting the mocks! Do not start thinking like this question is too easy and that question is beyond the level of IBPS. You never know what question is the examiner going to ask you in the exam. 
7) Develop idea of thinking. Think that in what other ways the same question could be asked to you, or, how could that question be made complicated one.
8) Make your brain active by bringing activeness in your daily routine. Do not be a lazy person. If you pen moves slower then definitely your time to solve the question will increase.
9) Think positive and develop a problem solving approach. Do not search points for excuse. Fight for the best!

10) Fight for the single seat because you are going to get a single one only! Do not think and analyse again and again that this much is the vacancy and I have to score this much to clear the cut off. Give your best out of yourself. Then only you will get close to the success!
All the best! Prepare well!