IBPS PO 2012 Paper GK – Updated

Presenting you GK questions asked in IBPS PO Exam, held yesterday (17-June-2012). Will give an idea about the latest pattern of the IBPS PO Exam.

1. Banking Ombudsman scheme is applicable to: Ans: All PSU, RRB, Cooperatives
2 .If not satisfied with Banking Ombudsman, a person can appeal to: Ans: Deputy Gov of RBI
3. NERPA is a Ans: Submarine
4. Draft Payee is:
5. Who won Australian open doubles: Ans: Leander Paes
6. Author OF Nirbhasam: Ans: Taslima Nasreen.
7. Guest of Honour in Pravasi bharat Diwas: Ans: kamala prasad
8. Woman MD of Bank: Ans:  ICICI
9.Why India voted against Sri Lanka? Ans: Human Right Violation.
10.WHY Italian ships were captured: Ans: It killed 2 indians.
11.What is smart money? Ans: Credit Card
12.Which document is not required to open Bank account? Ans: Domicile certificate
13.India Australia test match captain of Aussie’s- Ans: Michael clark
14.Ranbir kapoor won best actor award for which film-Ans: Rockstar
15.DICGC limit- Ans: Each depositor in a bank is insured upto a maximum of Rs.1,00,000
16. White Lable ATM : Ans: Atm which is owned by other and used by other bank
17.Retail loan
18. Swift : communication system
19.Mario won Ans: Padma vibhushan
20.Swabhalam ? Ans: Pension scheme
21.Which one is not money market instrument: Ans: equity shares
22.ECS Complaint solved by? Ans:  payment and settlement act
23. Not a function of RBI: Ans: Fiscal policy
24. Parmeswar Yojna: Ans: MP
25. What is Debit card?
26. Rajeev Gandhi Vidyutikaran Yojana
27. Fund to fight Naxalism sanctioned by? Ans:  Home ministry 
28.Italian ship ‘Enrica Lexie’ was captured for? Ans:  killing 2 kerala fisherman.
29.Guest of Honour in Pravasi bharat diwas: Kamala Prasad Biseesar.
30.Dhaka Book fair releases Ans: Taslima’s Nirbasan
31.DICGC limit-Each depositor in a bank is insured? Ans: upto a maximum of Rs.1,00,000