Time:1 PM 
I reached venue at 12:30pm , we all seat in waiting hall as 1st sitting interview was not over . Finally document verification started at 3:15 PM and it was my bad luck that I was in 1st in candidate list.
Entered interview room at 3:30 pm. 6 members were there including 1 female.
M1: Give your introduction?
Me: Explained, Very well. 
M2: Why bank after Mech. Engg?
Me:Stated that sir as it is difficult to get a job in mech. Sector and also companies are planning to shut down some of their units due to unavailability of raw materials.And bank provides growth,stability and ample amount of opportunities to all. 
M3:Why you have not tried in IES and PSU ?
Me: Sir I have tried in IES and PSU but not able to make it. And my father retirement age is nearing….so so They were looking (Satisfied).
M4:How mech. is related to banking ?
Me: Told them about TEFR.
M4:How ?
Me:Told him ( satisfied)
M4: Cross question to me. So you say how people in rural area get benefitted by industry? 
Me: Explained
M4: So you say do you will cut trees for companies ?
Me: I told I will look if people will get benefitted in every aspects from employment, medical facilities, school for children and most important. Pollution must be in a control level. If any problem I will consult with my higher authority. (Satisfied)
M5: What is PLR ?
Me: sorry sir I don’t know.
M5:What is base rate ?
Me: Told 
F1: Difference between investment & saving ?
Me: Told saving defination,  Bluffed investment.
M3: So you are bluffing?
Me: With smile yes sir 
M5: So Mr. You are looking smart today ?
Me: Thank you sir .
M4: Now you can go.
Me: Thank you sir.
In starting I didn’t fumble at all , but in investment & saving I fummbled for a moment. And also I couldn’t ans 3 questions. Around 12-15 questions for 15 minute interview. Including questions from TRAI & IRDA.
All The Best Guys!!!!