TIME: 1:00 PM.
There were 5 members in the panel. 4 gentlemen, and a lady..got a call at 4:45.
After finishing formalities..5
M1: Tell us about yourself?
Me: Answered including my present profession (Assitant in New India Assurance)
F1: What is Nomination??
Me: It is an option to  refer a person name to whom  company pay its liabilities if anything is happened to Depositor or Insured.
M2: I will nominee your name will they give you money??
Me: No sir, there should be any legal relationship.
M2: If person received amount again is he liable to pay to company?
me : I don’t know sir..( but ans is no need to repay anything…but i didn’t able to understand the question at that time as they have asked it in some other words)
M3: When insuring companies are paying better salaries than banks why do you want leave then?
Me: sir, For me salary is not most important thing…career is important.In banking career growth is faster than insurance co’s.It takes 5 yrs to become an officer in insurance co.i want see my self in the top management by the time i retire..sir. 
M3: why?, you can compete in direct recruitment exams and you can become officer early only?
Me:last already recruitment has done…we don’t know again when it will come..
M3: So,if notification comes, you will apply and go?
Me: No sir, Not like that…I’m passionate about banking.last year also i applied.i lost it by 5 marks..so there was no chance and i don’t want to depend on my parents even at the age of 22yrs. So I Have joined in NIACL.
M4: What are Stale cheques, Post dated cheques, And undated cheques??
Me : Explained( I hope every one knows it).
M1: Will Insurance companies do accept post dated cheques ?? 
Me : Sorry sir i don’t know( As i am handling claims, we don’t deal with cheques..answer is.. co’s won’t accept post date cheques)
M1: ok All the best..You can go
Me : Thank sir
M1: Take chocolate..and your smile is good…keep smiling always like this…
Me: Shocked..a second and..said….Thank you sir…Have a nice day everyone.
That’s all friends…I Don’t know how was performance…you should tell.
NAME:Shailja Raman
Venue: Tagore public school,Jaipur
Reporting time: 08:30 am
Panel : V
There were 5 members in the panel. I entered in the room after asking from them.Wished them good  morning
Panel: Good Morning Shailja.
M1:What is fathers Occupation?
ME: Explained
M1: Where do you belong to?
Me: Explained
M2: What are the Functions of bank and what is the difference between payment and small bank and how they are different from other banks?
Me: Sir, providing loans, Help to grow economy , Accepting deposit,  sir payment banks or small banks their basic function fund transfers and bill payemnts they are based on narrow banking. 
M3: What is Sarfaesi act,tell us in detail?
Me: Sir. it is basically for recovering of NPA .Explained very well.
M1: What is Financial inclusion, what will you do to implement it?
Me: Explained
M3: Who is Regulator of RRB? who publish guidelines for audit and securtiy purpose for RRB?
Me: R.B.I, its comes under NABARD. But Rbi is the regulator of every banks and rrb as well.
M4: How is testing done in software?
Me: Explained
F1: What is Capital adequacy ratio?
Me: Explained

M4: How bank can define that something is a risk for bank?
Me: Answered
F1: Difference between risk and loss?
Me: Answered
M2: what was your work in previous company?
Me: Answered
Shaillja Raman, you can go now.
Thanks everyone.
All the best everyone !!!