Name: Archana Negi
Place: Panjab National Bank,CHANDIGARH
Panel: 2
Date and Time: 19/01/2016, 8.30 am
Background: MBA

Panel consists of 5 members ( 1 female and 4 males)
I entered  the room and greeted all the panelist with a smile.I was asked to have a seat.

M1:Tell us about your educational qualifications ,where do you stay?
ME: Explained 
M2: Why did you left your previous job?
Me: Explained in detail along with the brief description of  the organization.
M2: Who is a NRI?
ME: Expalined
M3: How will you drive a marketing campaign in a village for Atal Pension Yojana?
Me: Explianed the process in hindi .(They were expecting me to speak in hindi to check whether I can explained the policies )
M4: What is a basel 3 ,when was it introduced and implementation deadline? 
Me: Explained but lady panelist was not convinced with my explanation.
M5: What is the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy?
Me: Explained, again the lady panelist doesn’t seem satisfied with my explanation.Though one of the panelist said you are right.
M4: What is depreciation?
Me: Explained
you can leave now.
 Thank you.

NAME: Manjinder Kaur
Date: 18 jan 2016
Venue: PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana….
Time: 1pm…. Panel 1…
So here we go….
They called us at 1 pm… document verification started at 3pm n mine were verified at 5:15 pm .I was called at 5:30 for interview.
Me:- may I come in??
M1- Yes please
Me- Thank u… Good evening mam, and Good evening sirs.
M1-good evening, please have a seat.
F1- You are very well dressed.
Me- Thank you mam.
M1- So dear you have done Btech,Why you want to come in banking,You could have done M.S from USA? 
Me- Sir am not interested in post graduation. and my interested in banking. 
M1- Anyone is from your family whi is in banking?
Me- sir no… but dad LIC mei Manager hai.

M1- Toh sidha job n then shadi?? (all laughed :/)
M1- What did you prepare ?
Me- Sir bank basics.
M1- How CRR effect banks, Means if it increase, decrease then how it will effect bank??
Me- Sir directly affects the liquidity of banks.higher CRR means less liquidity, Low crr means high liquidity.
M1- CRR is assets to the bank  right??
Me- No sir… its a liability not asset as bank have to keep it seprate and cannot use it.
M1- Since bank cannot use it then what its use, Should it be abolished, What do you think?
Me- Sir ye unused money economic crises k time help krti hai to recover, hence needed.
M1- good. What is present CRR, What Narsihaman Commitee said about CRR, what is present Capping of crr?
Me- Sir present is 4%…. Narsimham commitee ke time it was 15% and in it he said that crr should be decreased and banks should be allowed to use the needed amount… 3-15% kaha gya tha tab… abhi after 2005 min is 0% and max is 15%….
M1- very good. 
M2-  What is Basel norms ?
Me:- I told them but he wanted more.
M1- Ok leave basel norms, tell what is basel? 
Me- Basel is city in Switzerland jahan inka bank hai
M1- Name bank and its head?
Me- sir BIS- bank of international settlement… and sir head is Mr. Riksbank.
(all had ligh laughter on name)
M3- Bank and customer relation ko kya bolte hai?
Me- sir relation of debitor and creditor…. 
M4- What is CAR?
Me- Sir capital adequency ratio but cannot explain it well am not confident about my answer.
M1- Its little technical, but you have alot of knowledge, deflation btaein, deflation accha ya inflation, is time india ka kitna inflation, kitna hona chahie? 
Me- Told everything….(response— very good :D)

F1- Tell alternative banking channels? 
Me- Mam ATM, internet banking, mobile banking…. (good)
M1- (showing his iphone), see this mobile, iska operating system btaie?
Me- sir IOS..
M1- Difference between android and IOS, ye toh technical hai not related to bank?
Me- Sir Android is open source… IOS isnt….
M1- very good…. well dear that all… you may go now…
Me- Thank u sir… and while leaving….. 
M3 :said All the very best beta 
Remarks…. overall it was satisfying…. rest 1st april will tell…
And as you can see guys English is no barrier.