Qualification : B.Tech in Computer Science.
Date : 18 Jan 2016
Time : 8.30 am
Place : Canara Bank, Spencer Junction, Trivandrum, Kerala.
Panel : 1

I reached the venue at 8:30 am and document verification started at 9:00 am. I would advice you that they are very particular about date of passing that is before 1 Aug 2015 so please make sure that you have a date before 1 Aug 2015 (like “date of Issue”) on your Degree Certificate/Provisional Degree/Degree Mark sheet. Do not forget to bring your caste certificate if you belong to SC/ST/OBC and also Medical certificate in case you are from PH category. If you fail to present any of there document, you will not be allowed and sent home. 
There were 3 panels who were taking interviews and in each panel there were 25 candidates. I was in “Panel-1”. One guy was absent in my panel so my number was 23 out of 24 candidates.  My Interview took place was very late at 4:30 pm. It happened in a large conference room. 
In my panel there were 5 member: 1 lady and 4 gentlemen, and lets represent them like – L1, M1, M2(Senior Most), M3, M4.
Me: May I come in, please.
M2: Please come.
Me: Good morning ma’am, Good morning sirs. ( I wished them as I was entering the room)
M2 : Good evening. (It was already 4.30pm and I realized this mistake as I was quite nervous and made a silly face, they all smiled.)
M2: So did you have lunch?
Me: No sir.
M2: Why?
Me: Sir I thought my interview turn will come early, that’s why.
M2: Ok tell us something about your self?
Me: I told them about my name and qualification. I also told them that my father was in the army and i have lived and done most of my education in northern India and now settled in Kerala. I also told them about my family details like who else is in my family and where do they work.
M2: So which places have you been to?
Me: West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.
M2: Ok, Where was your fathers last posting?
Me: Sir, in Bhopal.(he also asked me in which unit he served. so guys please get complete information about your fathers profession also.)
M2: So recently there was this Pathankot attack.Have you heard about it? What do you know about it?
Me: Sir, there was an attack on Pathankot air base. it was led by Jaish-e-mohammed terrorist group. and the leader of their group is Azhar Masood. In the attack 6 terrorist were killed and 7 Indian soldier also died. Col E.K Niranjan was one them and his dead body is now being transferred to kerala to his family.
M2: So who was he (Col. E.K. Niranjan)?
Me: Sir he was Bomb Expert with NSG. He died while diffusing a grenade. 
M2: Ok, So which is the highest award is given for this kind of bravery?
Me: Sir Param Vir Chakra is the highest award but it is given during wartime, Since this incident happened during peacetime he will receive highest military peacetime award – Ashoka Chakra.
M2: What is the highest Civilian Award?
Me: Sir, Bharat Ratna.
M2: After that? which is the next award in the order?
Me: After that me have the Padma series of award- Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri (they also asked me which is highest and lowest in this series of Padma award).
M2: So what are you hobbies?
Me: Sir, Cycling and Internet surfing. (I told them that because i knew they would not know anything about it and i had prepared everything about it.)
M2: what? no Television watching? No music? No Bollywood?
Me: No sir. I don’t like them. (I lied.)
M2: Which is the highest award given for literature?
Me: Sahitya Academy Award. (then he told me that it not. it was some other award starting with – KENDRIYA …..something and I said – I am sorry sir but I don’t know. Then he said leave it.)
L1: Which award  given in movies?
Me: Filmfare award.
L1: No, which is the national award for movies?
Me: (I was thinking. thinking hard. all of them were looking at my face. Then I said – ) I don’t know ma’am. (After a few second i remembered it and shouted – ) ma’am Its Dada Saheb Phalke Award. (All of them started smiling.)
(now the real questioning started)
L1: So you know that after joining the bank the work will become monotonous. Why do you want to work in banking then?
Me: Ma’am I want to acquire managerial skills so that’s why i want to join banking. Managerial skill will not only be helpful in work but also in daily life.
M2: What is Right to life?
Me: Sir it the right to every Individual to live his life according to own wishes and nobody can force him to do any thing. (He said -Its wrong)
L1: Do you know about Consumer Protection Act?
Me: COPRA Act? (She said – yes.) Ma’am I have heard about it but I don’t know the details. I am sorry, I don’t know. (she said OK.)
M3: What is Phishing ? It is in you field.
Me: Sir it is technique in which user is fooled into believing that he is actually on the right website. but he is not. the content, look of the website all look the same but it is not the correct website. this is done by hackers to recover user’s usernames and passwords.
M3: So what should be done?
Me: Sir, we should use SSL certificates which are signed by third parties to show our authenticity and use HTTPS protocols. Users should also check the urls.
M3:Which department handles crimes like this? like hacking?
Me:hmmm…..Information and Broadcasting ? (I know stupid answer)
M3: Cyber cell.
Me: But sir you asked me about which department and cyber cell is a division of police which handles cyber crimes.( then i stayed quiet i did not wanted to get into a fight.I knew the answer cyber cell but thought it would be a stupid answer)
M4: So you have lived in north India. (he was going through my documents). So If you are asked where you want to work what will you say north or south and why?
Me: Sir. anywhere in south India, because climate is good and people are very helpful. Sir in north there is too much crime going on and there is so much air pollution.(Then he said whether i want to work in my home town? I said –  anywhere sir.)
M4: ok. 
M2: you can go.
L1: please take a Chocolate.
So that’s it. My interview lasted for 7-8 minutes. M1 didn’t ask me any question. M2 was the main BOSS with white complexion and white hairs. What ever i said he was not impressed. All the other member were very nice and were always smiling. I stumbled many times while answering but I always gave a smile after every answer. No questions on banking. Only 1 question related to my field and the rest – all GK. I was the second last candidate so they were already bored with banking questions. 
I had short hair (army cut) and clean shave. I was wearing tailor-made-fitting clothes (Light Blue shirt with black formal pants) which made me look very sincere. My advise –  Please guys always dress up nicely and crisply. Don’t go in there with fancy hairstyles. Sometimes your cloths and personality make up for what you lack in knowledge. And also wash your face before your turn for interview if your turn is very last. Carry a bottle of water and some biscuits. No lunch will be given. Only tea and some biscuits.
I said “I don’t know” 3 to 4 times, but they were still very nice. Don’t lie. Just say you don’t know. Don’t fight or argue with them.
Advice to IT guys like me – Please read about IT related laws and act which are relevant in banking like stealing someone else’s credit card details and using them.
Always read news or atleast watch news daily on television (I suggest DD News).
Thanks you Bankers Adda.