NAME: Ranbir
Venue: Bank of Maharashtra Training Office Nagpur
Time: 8:30am

Verification was done around 10:30 and my turn came around 11:20. I entered the room.

M1:Introduce urself?
Me: Told everything name background(chemical engg) family members. They asked about my mom and brother I told them my father is experied, my mom is govt servant and brother is doctor so this discussion is about 2 mins.

M1: Why banking sector? you have done chemical engg from reputed college then placement me selection kyu nahi hua, 2014 passout ho to fir bahar try nahi kiye kya?
Me: Sir I have joined one pvt company it was giving me 6k and working hours was around 10 hr so decided to come in banking. Then he said ok for only payment you are coming here and you don’t know here in banking you have to work near around 11 hours. I said sir this job will give me satisfaction of money(payment) and its an officer job so I will work around 11 hours.

M2: Why nationalization is done and types of banks in india and difference between pvt sector and public sector bank?
ME: I told every thing about this.

M2: Tell me what are development banks and its example?
Me: Told

M3: What is Andaman nicobar and its position and who controls it?
Me: Everyone knows it but I get nervous so I told them wrong answer about position(east).

M4: He asked me one question about job seeker and job giver ?
Me: I don’t got this question so I skiped.I said Sorry Sir.

M1: What is your strength and weakness?
Me: I said easy adjustable at any situation and friendly and my weakness is am foody. Then he asked me how you came across that you are foody and it is ur weakness. I said sir ghar me koi nahi rhta maxmimum time to main cooking karta hu aur khata hu daily so this is my weakness(pata nahi sahi tha kin ahi he said ok)

M2: Why exim and ecgc in 1st preference?
Me: Told it is metrocity banks and payment is more as compare PSB. He said good for telling us trust we expecting this answer.

F1: What is esterification ? difference between organic and inorganic chemistry? Caustic soda and washing soda?
Me: Told difference between organic and inorganic only aur baki pata nhi bola.

This was my interview about 10 mins
I don’t this it was good hope so marks acche mile and interview was in hindi Marathi and English.
I don’t think that they select me.

Thanks for reading