NAME:Anirban Hatui
Venue :U.B.I (Kolkata)
Panel : 1 
Time : 8.30 

5 members 1 female 4 male

Me: May I come in sir ? 
yes come 
Me: Good after noon mam good afternoon sir’s 
Take ur Seat 
Then they started bombing 
M1: What is vsat?
Me: Explained
M2: Why it is used?
Me: Explained
M1: What is cdma?
Me: Said m sorry sir
M1: What is csma ca?
Me:Sorry sir
M2: What is cad cam?
Me: Sorry Sir
M2: What is cross word?
F1: What is SWOT?
Me: Sorry Sir CLICK HERE To View The Answers For This Question
M3: What is financial accounting?
Me: Explained
one question from share market.
M1: What is your hobby ?
Me: Reading Jules Verne book.
M1: He died too many years ago ,and one time the book stock will be ended, tab kya karoge vai??
Me: Sir i have also one more hobby playing computer games.
M3: Its too much childish. 
Me: Sir i participated in inter college computer games championship.   
but they are not convinced Ok Thank you,You can go now.
Me: Have a nice day mam have a nice day sir 
Mam:All the best 
My interview is too bad ,I only able to ans only 3-4 questions ,most of the time I say I dont know I dont recall .
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