Name: Mohammad Ibrahim
Venue:Malik Bhawan Dehradun 
Panel 3rd 1 pm 

I reached the venue at 12:30 pm. At 1 pm we entered inside. We stayed in a seminar hall for certificate verification. The process started from 2:30 pm. As I am 2nd last in my panel so my document verified at 5 pm and my interview started at 5:35 pm. There are 1 female and 4 male members in my panel. 
ME- May I come in. 
M2- Yes, come. 

Me- Good afternoon sir, good afternoon mam (at 5:35pm) 
Panel members- good evening. Take your seat. 
Me- Thanku sir. 
M2- So Fudgie, Tell me something about yourself in short? 
Me- I have done my graduation from  college. My father is truck owner and truck driver. My hobby is to play and to watch cricket. I am black belt in karate and won silver medal in all india karate championship. 
M2- You had done your graduation in 2011, What you have been doing since 2011 ? 
Me- From 2011 to 2014, I worked with my father. From 2014 onwards, I started preparing for Bank Exams. 

F1- So it mean that you are a truck driver. Do you know how to drive truck. 
Me- Yes Mam, I am a professional truck driver, I have my driving licence. 
F1- In my whole career, it is the 1st time that I am taking an interview of a driver for the post of PO. (Smiling) 
Other members started laughing. 

M1- Where you used to go with your state to other states? 
Me- Bihar, Kolkata, Bhutan. 
M1- There is 11 digits in IFSC code. Is this right? 
Me- yes sir, there is 11 digit in IFSC code.
M1- What is the full form of IFSC code and where it is used? 
Me- Indian Financial System Code.
It is used in all electronic transfer NEFT, RTGS etc. 

M1- Difference between RTGS and NEFT? 
Me- In NEFT, Data transfer in slots for every 1 hour from 8 am to 8 pm.
In RTGS- data move independently without slots. 

M3- You have done B.com. Tell me some current assets and current liabilities? 
Me- Cash, Prepaid expenses, Inventory are current assets. Account payable, loan is current liabilities. 
M3- What is the main difference between single entry and double entry? 
Me- sorry sir, I dont know about this. 
M3- Do you know bank uses which type of entry system,Single or double. 
Me- Sorry sir. Dont know. 
OK ALL the best ,youbcan go now 
Me- Thanku sir, Thanku Mam