Venue – Coimbatore , 
Date – 19/01/2016 (4 members, including one mam)
Qualifications – Post grad in biotech

I planned to give my interview experiences here because I was also one of the persons who was deliberately waiting for the other interview experiences because for many candidates like us, it is the first ever ibps interview.. and I want to convey it very briefly..
Certificate verification was so nice.. nothing to say much of it.. 
Tok.. Tokk.. nothing .. I knocked the door..  I am the 7th person in my panel so went on early within 2 hours of reaching the venue.. and here is my full interview… 
Execuse me, may I come in sir?
Yes .. only one sound I heard.. as soon as in entered they were barely looking at me and was judging my body language..
I think the chairman, who was the only one wearing coat asked me to sit…. Still I am fearing whether I sat on myself or I sat only after they asked to sit.. I am in bit confusion on this itself.. (arambae super ponga)
Chairman – Ok… so you were working as a territory manager in pharma , with such a reputed company, with good perks, then why banking…  ? he also was testing my attention by telling the wrong name of my company, but I corrected him.. also he said y leaving professional job lik tat.. 
Me –  I was smiling and said, yes sir, I was working comfortably, and I was enjoying my work in my past job but everything was ok except job security sir.. When I turn into 30 , they will try to put a young a guy in my place so that less salary can be given to him rather than a huge salary to me..   
Chairman – Ok.. then ?
Me –  also, there is a fast track career opportunities in banking sector than any other sector sir, with in 2 yrs of confirmation I will be an assistant manager, and after that  2 to 3 yrs I will be working as a manger,, it is really great for me sir.. 
Chairman – he didn’t say anything.. and was looking at me only.. ( yethachaum soolunga sir.., lik that I was thinking at that time)
Me – 10 seconds silence
Chairman – can you tell me the problems faced by banking sector now? 
Me – I understood the question fully but due to tension I was answering in  a wrong way, Initially I said NPA is the biggest problem but after that I said, still we lack banks in 7 lakhs villages of India sir.. 
Chairman – no no… I was asking the problems faced by banks only
Me – yes sir,, NPA and capital inadequacy is also a prob… we need to complete basel 3 norms by march 31, 2019… hence we need 1.7 lakhs crore .. but govt will give only 70k crore.. ( here, I made a mistake of telling only 1.7crore , but on hearing this, chairman got lil tensed.. that made me big tensed… I corrected 1.7lakhs crore…)
Chairman asked a qstn everytime and put his face in front of me and was observing my ans very closely that made me bit nervous.. I also had to see his eyes very closely..  at one point of time, he took his face away from me whn I did mistake in saying 1.7 crore.. Anyway… 
Chairman = ok, you don’t have desk working exp?
Me = no sir. I have field exp only
Then he gave my files to nearby sir.. 
Sir 2 – he was sitting immediate right to the chairman.. 
Sir 2 – ok.. have you heard startup india recently ?
Me = yes sir, ystrdy our pm announced it,.. it is to make our manufacturing hub so that we can increase our exports too..  actually I have studied many point on the same like 3 yrs no tax, 3 yrs no inspection and all. But forgot to say anything there.. (feeling sad.. )
Sir 2 – ok.. Recently japan aggrement with India for bullnet train.. on what reasons we chosed Japan over China.. 
Me – blankly I was starring him.. (sathiyama theriyathu sir ji.. ) 
Then said, yes 98000 crore agreement, but I don’t know reason.. I said it straightaway,  I don’t know sir, sorry.. 
Sir 2= ok tell me diff bw small bnks and payment banks
Me = said mainly payment banks cant lend and cant provide credit card sir.. 
He nodded head and  gave to next sir.. sir 3.. he is very old.. I think he is on his 75’s… 
Sir 3 = ok ………(my name) you have good ambitions, and he said some thing regarding human family life .. I don’t know why he said it in my interview.. he said like, we all need to get a job, wife, child,, life should be so smooth, whole world should be good. .like tat philosophy..
Me – first I don’t knw why he is telling life philosophy to me at that time… so again I asked sir pls tell me again.. I didn’t got your point.. 
Sir 3 = this time  , he replied in tamil.. I was just thinking what to say.. by gods grace he said.. no need to reply to this. Just know this.. I said ok sir,,
Finaly passed to mam who was sitting immediate left to chairman
Mam – so …. How your biotech will help in bank?
Me = It does not have direct relations with banking mam but my sales exp will help. Bec , customer service is v important in any sales, so that I can perform well in bank too.. 
They asked about my hobby..  I said, I watch cricket if any imp world cup matches.. I am not hardcore fan.. I just watch it..They asked another hobbies to say to us.. i said I just participate in some online competitions.. I can’t say what is tat.. It s secret (lol) 
Finally they looked each other and chairman said thank you.. I said thank you but in dull voice.. I thought of thanking each of them but forgot to thank all.. Just said thank over all and came out.. overall it took 11 minutes.. 
So that’s all friends.. I know It is avg performance.. but tried my level best..  bless me for success friends.. I am the  breadwinner of my family.. I need the job so desperately.. and now preparing after resigning my job for the last 6 months.. and wishing you all the success ..