IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Noida) – 22

Name: Anubhav Saxena
Date: 08/02/2017
Venue: Bank of India, Staff Training Centre, Sector-62,Noida
I was allotted 2nd batch at 1300 Hr. and Panel No 7, I reached venue at 1130 Hr, called inside campus at 1200 Hr, Document verification completed at 1230 and called for interview at 1300 Hr.

Door Bell Ranged, I got inside the Room, closed the door, Madam was sitting in front, I wished her good morning and wished Good morning to sir.
Mam offered me to have a seat.
There were 5 members in the panel (F1, M1, M2, M3, M4)
M2: From where you are?
I told sir I’m from Farrukhabad.
M2: What your father do?
I told Pardon sir, he again repeated the question.
I told that he was a State Government Employee and took VRS in 2014, he was working in Government Inter College Farrukhabad. Now he is a retired person.
M2: What he do now?
I told my brother has his own business of General Store and Stationary, whenever he goes to bring Inventory he sits there at store.
M2: You got time for Interview Preparation?
I told yes sir.
M2: What have you studied?
I told Basic Banking Functions, RBI Functions, How it control inflation, How to calculate GDP, Balance of Payment, NPCI.
M2: Asked what is NPCI?
I started with National Power… I said sorry sir, its National Payment Corporation of India, incorporated in 2008, HQ in Mumbai. It controls all the retails payments in India and promotes e-payments. It launched CTS, AEPS, UPI, BHIM App.
M2: It also launched 1 card?
I told yes sir, it launched Rupay Card. Basically, it’s a Payment Gateway. ( Now he understood ki I know rest n all) He stopped me.
M2: What is Convertibility? (Now the real questions begins)
I told Sir, there are two type of Convertibility, one is current account and other is Capital account. Under BoP, there are 2 sides, Current and Capital, under current Visible and invisible, if we want to import from outside India under current account, full current account convertibility is allowed in India, and for Capital account Partially allowed. In 1997, East Asian Crisis due to fully Capital Account Convertibility. He stopped me bas beta.
M2: What is External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) and who do this?
I told private corporates do this, if we bring money from outside India under capital account of BoP, then its called ECB.
M2: Is there any limit for this?
I told sorry sir, at present I don’t remember.
M2: What is Sensex?
I told Sensitive… he stopped me. And asked how many companies are listed there.
I told 30 companies. He said good. Asked what is NSE.
I told National Stock Exchange, HQ in Delhi, this is called NSE. He asked how many companies.
I told Sir, 50, Companies are listed there.
M2: Yesterday dollar value was 70 rupees, today its 68,  rupee appreciating or depreciating?
I repeated question and told Rupee is appreciating. He told Good.
M1: What is digital signature?
I told sir we sign a document/ Pdf file digitally. PDF ke side main tools main digital signature ka option hota hae.
M1: How create Digital Signature legality and all?
I told sir, in our office we tell our IT team and they provide us our digital signature, legality and all I m not aware.
In between M2 also asked when completed Engineering, I told in Year 2009, why Banking after Engineering, I told person gets respect in society, career growth, want to be a part of Nation Making n oll.
M1: What is chest?
I told sorry sir, I don’t know the definition of Chest. He asked who control Chest.
I told its RBI. Yesterday I was studying due to demonetization, RBI received lots of old 500 and 1000 rs Noted, RBI stored it in chests.
M3: You saw rust at banks during demonetization?
I told yes sir. He said they were very inpatient and cursing banks.
I told sir, if any legal tender currency is stopped overnight, People would be in trouble. Everyone need money, and others things I told.
F1: Why you join Banking?
I again repeated my words and said that from my inner heart, I’m very my interested in Banking, accounts and Economics and I read most of things about.
I also told banking jobs are full with responsibilities and provide lots of career opportunities. If I ll get to work in bank, definitely I ll join banks. ( Seems bit satisfied)
I added m an altruistic and extrovert nerson, love to help others then F1 asked have u attached with any Social Group. I told ki office main CSR activity and all. She asked any other group, I said no mam, not now busy n all..
M4: What is CSR?
I told its Corporate social responsibility, he asked what is inside it.
I told as per guidelines, companies have to contribute 2% of their Turnover to CSR activities.
M4: Is it turnover or Profit?
I told sorry sir, I don’t remember, he said, u are a corporate personal, you should be aware. I again said sorry.
Then they all told thank you and wished me all the best Mr. Anubhav. (It took around 12-15 Minutes)
This was all about my interview experience.

Anubhav Saxena

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