IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Chennai) – 61

Name: Balakrishnan Natarajan
Date: 09/02/2017
Place: Central Office, Chennai.
Reporting time: 1.00 pm
Panel: VI

I was there exactly at 12.30pm. Marked my entry in security office. They directed me to the building where the interview was being held. The panel number 6 was in 6th floor. There at 6th floor, I was given a paper and a printed format for self declaration. I was instructed to write it and I was called for biometric verification. Though I had some problem in Biometric, I completed it successfully (felt little relieved). Then I was given number 11. They verified my certificates. They only got my photocopies. Nothing they verified.

All the staff seemed very friendly. They were too caring. They made me to wait. There were other 22 members with me. We started talking to each other. The supervisor appointed for us was so jovial. He  tried to make us to feel relaxed. He tried to vanish our tensions. I was called at 4.05 pm. Here what happened…


Me: May I come in sir.

M4: Please come in.

They all looked very cool and they were at their 50+. Tried to ease my efforts.

M1: So, Balakrishnan. First tell us about urself briefly.
Me: ***told***

M1: Tell us the basic duties of an officer.
(I was bit confused) 
Me: An officer should overview the works done by the subordinates under him who is performing bank 
related works.

M1: In that case, imagine that we have appointed you as a Branch manager for marketing especially. How will you improve the profit of the branch?
Me: ( after waiting for a second) Sorry sir. I don’t have any idea about marketing.
(But they didn’t let me down. They want me to say something valid) 

M1: Come on Balakrishnan. If you are appointed you will be given such tasks. You should say something, so that we will believe that you are really capable.(They told me some points to improve the profit)
Me: (gaining confidence) Yes sir. I ll mostly attract current account and saving account so that we can improve the CASA ratio which will lead to the profit of a branch. And also I ll analyse the certain limit of people on whether they need any aid financially or not, which suits each of them.

(They were satisfied)

M4: you are a mechanical engineer right? Okay what is the difference between a two stroke and four stroke engines?
Me: ***told***

M3: Who is the prime ministers of Pakistan? Sri Lanka? And also the cheif minister of Telangana?
Me: ***told*** (except Sri Lanka PM)

F1: (again she started similar kind of question) What will you make to attract a customer towards your bank?
Me: Mam, the way we treat reflects in the customer we get. The proper way of servicing a customer will surely attract them towards the branch.

(They added few points in it)
Me: Yes sir. A satisfied customer is a good ambassador of a bank.

All together: Exactly Balakrishnan. All the very best. You can leave now.

Hoping for the positive results. Let’s wait for the day of destination. Thank you.


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