IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Hyderabad) – 51

Name : A Pratyusha
Interview Centre : Andhra Bank Zonal Office, Sultan Bazaar, Koti, Hyderabad
Reporting Time : 8:30 AM
Date of Interview : 14th Feb, 2017

I reached the centre about forty minutes before the reporting time. The candidates were allowed to go in around 8:20 AM after they show their Interview Call Letter. We were taken to the Conference room which is in the 4th floor of the building. In the conference room, two groups were formed according to the panel number. A declaration form was given where one had to fill their name, DoB, place of interview, and list of documents submitted for verification. Then the verification of documents started followed by biometric verification. Then according to serial number candidates were directed to the interview room.

Since my serial number was 2, my document and biometric verification was over by 8:40 and I was called for the interview by 9:15. My turn came at 9:40. The interview lasted for 8 minutes.

They won’t allow you to take any documents inside, this includes experience certificate, certificate of achievement, etc etc.

Panel : M1, M2, M3, F1, M5 (M3 asked most questions)

The buzzer went oof signaling my turn. I knocked on the door, went in, closed the door behind me. I wished all the panel members. They asked me to sit. I thanked them and took my seat.

M3: So Pratyusha, you’re from Sambalpur (It’s a place in Odisha)
Me: Yes Sir!
M2: Tell about yourself.
Me: Told
M3: What is in the news?
Me: Told about the political situation in TN & ISRO record 104 satellite launch in one go.
M3: Cross question on ISRO and how many Indian satellites out of the 104.
Me: Told. (He was impressed)
M2: Which is the central bank of India. Who is the Governor?
Me: Told.
F1: Who is mother Teresa?
Me: Told about her services, the organization founded by her, Saint title.
M3: Which prize did she win?
Me: Told
M5: What is women empowerment?
Me: Told with reference to banking and govt schemes.
All : Good
M1: Do you know about monetary policy?
Me: Told.
M2: 2 major functions of RBI?
Me: Told

(I’m a PG in Maths from NIT Rourkela. Everyone was impressed by it)
F1: You’re from an NIT, why did you not take campus placements?
Me: Told
F1: What other exams did you attempt?
Me: Told
M1: What is BoDMAS?
Me: Told

Then a few very basic questions on ratios and percentages by M2 & M3.

M3: Monetary Policy instruments?
Me: Told
M3: Have you heard about Bank rate? What is the difference between Bank Rate & Repo rate?
Me: Told but switched Bank rate for Repo.
They smiled and said it’s just the opposite and said it’s okay. I too smiled with them.
M3: Why is Sambalpur famous?
Me: Told

They then suggested me that I need to be a bit quick with my answers because in daily banking activities the customers may feel irritated by the delay. I said I’m trying to answer accurately to which they said that I faired well.

Everyone : Okay thank you. 
Some more discussion among themselves about advantages of being multilingual, as I’m multilingual.

M3: Oke so are you willing to work anywhere in India?
Me: Definitely Sir. I’ve done internships in ISI Kolkata and IIST Trivendrum. I like to travel.

All were impressed.

I thanked all and came out and closed the door behind me. The awaiting candidates asked me what questions are they asking. As I was telling them, the attender came and shooed me away.

Footnote: It’s a test of one’s character. Don’t go gaga over the subject, just be clear about your goal of associating with banks. That’s it.


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