During verification they asked banking question just a warm up for me my sr  no was 9 . so i entered at 11 am in interview room wished them they asked me to sit.
Panel having 5 member 4 men and 1 lady can’t say lady she was young girl of 23 to 25.

M1: So kapil,kapil dev , similar to I expected, do you know him? 
ME: yes sir
M1: Your hair style changed over periods spicy to normal one?
Me : yes sir , sir actually that day i walked up gone for addhar card without combing.
M1: No No its look real and its good you changed now looks mature time ke sath hoota hai sab?
Me : Yes sir time teaches us lesson if there is no time management nothing will work.
M1:In 1983 world cup kapil dev was leader be like him be loud like him?
Me: Ok sir with smile.
M1: You should watch kapil dev video of world its good?
Me: yes sir, i watched it sir i just love cricket , I told him I was selected at state level camp I left it due to some reasons.
M1: Who is your coach ?
Me: Told
M1 : kapil what was turning point of 1983 world cup final?
Me :Sir kapil dev catch of clive loed.
M1 : Ohh good and Who was the bowler?
Me : Sir  i think it was amarnath.
M1: No it was madan lal
M1: kapil you are batsman or allrounder or bowler?
Me : Sir i am wicket keeper + batsman.
M1: Ohh thats a key role what his role?
Me : I said motivation sir if team is loosing he should buck up every fielder and make belief to fight till the end.
M1: Yes keeper has a best view to see field setting in bank who would your fielders as po ?
Me: sir clerks
M1: How you relate this role  to banking ?
Me: Sir in bank coordination must there from lower level to higher level i must maintain the coordination between clerks and higher autority and also customers, for example a customer came he did not get proper response that will lead loss of many more customers.
M1: Thats right you taking what else you do ?
Me : Be a leader
M1 ; Then he said you have to motivate them also motivation like keeper does.. 
Me : ohh sir i smiled i got it sir
Them m1 says to m2 ask something he said he ok good 
M1  Ok kapil all the best . I said thank you sir . then he said cricket chood diya apne with smile ….thats it .I wished them and went out… guys it was discussion type interview no banking no technical .. and  they were friendly kept smiling sabke sath asa hi interview hua kisi se movie ki story puchi toh kisi se kuch :
Experience 2:
Name: Alok
Venue : Bank Of Maharashtra Trimurti Nagar Nagpur
Date :20 jan 2016
5 panel members, 4+1
M1: Introduction about self?
ME: Answered
M2:  What is your Graduation place?
Me: Answered
M3: Tell me the name Noble prize winners?
Me: Answered (fumbuled in raman effect)
M4: How to increase business in rural banking?
Me: Answered
M5: Happiest and Saddest movment of life
Me: Answered
M1: Family background?
Me: Answered
M2: Eminent person(Alumni) from school?
Me: Answered(CM of my state belongs to my school i told Faiz Fazal )
Panel :Thank You very much.Panel was very supportive just waiting for final result on 1 April.
All The Best Guys!!!