NAME: ML Sudheer kumar 

VENUE: Chittoor 
DATE: 19/1/16 
Verification of documents

Panel 4 members ..2 gents 2 ladies.. 
M1.Name and surname?
ME: Told
M2.Where are you from?
M2.Family details
ME: Answered correctly
M3.What have you prepared and How you prepared for interview?
Me: Told self prepared
M2 What are the Loans , Auto loans?
Me: Answered but surity dey asked..
M3: What is Lead banks?
ME: Bank which maintains all deposits of that particular regions..
M1: In Which bank you have account?
Me: I told yes..sbi..
M3: Sponsor of Sapthagiri bank?
Me: Told I have no idea sir.
M3: Step up motor,step up transformer?
Me: Told but not perfectly
M1: What is Pmjdy?
Me: Told but I wrongly  told lic insurance.
M3: Tell us some Facebook details? 
ME: About founder and her daughter ..
Ok you may leave now..I told Thank you.Finally..Thats it Overall interview was average.Thank you guys
All The Best Everyone
Name: Sunny kumar 
B.com hons from Delhi University 
In Panel 4 M 1 F
So total questions asked 
M1: What is D.D And cheque?
ME: Explained
M2: What is trial balance?
Me: Explained

M3: What is GDP?
M3: What is contract?
ME: Explained
M4: When it is void ?
Me: Explained
M3: What is loss asset? 
Me: Sorry sir 
M4: What is your hobby and strength?
ME: Explained
M3: Is there any act for insolvency I said them about insolvency and bankruptcy bill passed recently in rajya sabha..
ME: Asked something About my suit which I said its not mine its of my bro and they said areh ji poll hi khol dia aapne all were smiling and i too smile karna pada and they told in our time hum tailor se stichting karwate the.
 ME:I said that i can make a person smile by my activity then they said mera naam joker type. They smiled me smiled.

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All The Best Guys!!!