Name:Yesaswi chintada
Date: 20 jan 2016
Place : Andhra Bank, visakhapatnam
Education: b.tech- mech and mba – marketing
Work Expeience: 1 and half yrs in hcl technoloies
Duration: 10 min

My obc certificate was slightly in different format compared to the one given by ibps, but is a central format and contains more resolutions included. i had to convince the person that mro gave only one certificate and he is giving in central format only.There were total of 6 people on the panel including one lady,After wishing everyone, particularly the lady, I sat down.
M1:Are you intersted in banking?
ME: I said yes. They asked if I was married and I said yes.
They asked Mostly on My Mba in marketing field. some questions are:
M1: What is Marketing?
Me: The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes the coordination of four elements called the 4 P’s of marketing:
(1) identification, selection and development of a product,
(2) determination of its price,
(3) selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer’s place, and
(4) development and implementation of a promotional strategy.
M3: What is Market Segmentation and Customer Segmentation, how you will use in banking?
ME: Explained
M4: B to B and B to C, What are they and What is the difference?
Me: Explained
M3: B to B is Business to business and B to C is business to customer selling?
Me: Explained
F1: Difference between marketing and selling?
Me: Explained
M3: BCG matrix and how it is used in Banking?
Me: Explained
At last mam asked to tell me something about Noida ( I studied and worked in Noida)- told something but not much.
she asked me if any financial related aspect in noida, I said I am not aware (As there are no financial headquarters in noida as far as I remember)
This is my brief experince, hope it helps someone.
NAME:Omkar Singh
Venue :Noida sec-62
Panel : iv 
Time : 8.30
5 members 1 female 4 male
Me: May I come in sir ? 
yes come 
Me: Good morning madam and good morning to all of you sirs.
Morning has seat.
M1: Tell us something about you?
Me: Ans
1-2 question related to my education.
M1: So,you are from it, how your degree is going to help bank?
Me: Answered 
M1: What is diff b/w aadhar card and pan card?
Me: Answered, But are looking for unique Difference,With their hint I was able to recall about bio-metric diff.
M2: What is RRB?
Me: Answered, In between I used PSL.
M3: Which is under PSL
Me: Answered
F1: You are 2012 pass out you did.
Me: Explained
1-2 cross questions
F1: Why bank? Reason should not be ki bank is fastest  growing sector?
Me: Explained
M1: ECGC is your first choice why?
Me: Answered
Cross question you know about foreign exchange.
1 q on forex related did not able to ans 
M4: ECGC is Bank?
Me: Sir it is bank
M3: ok  aap ja sakte hain…..
Uthte ek or question from 
M1: Aap Player hain to score bta dijiye?
Me: Sorry sir nhi dekha subah se yahi hu, All start smiling
M1:Ok Aap ja sakte hain.
Me: Have a nice day mam have a nice day sir 
Mam:All the best 
This is my whole interview exp..hope for the best..
Good luck to others
All The Best!!