Name: Visakh sv
Venue:canara bank HQ,Trivandrum

Certificate Verification started at 9:50.They are very strict On the date of passing.ie,before August 1st.Make sure that you have a date before Aug 1 in your certificate.My turn came at 11:45 .Panel (m1,m2,m3,m4 and f1).

Me: May I come in?
M1:plz come in.

M2:Take your seat.
Me:Thank you.

M1:So you are engineering graduate.what did you studied?
Me:Mech eng sir.

M1:Tell me about your family?

He wrote down my fathers occupation in a paper )
F1:Tell me about mudra yojana?
Me: Told

M3:Diff b/w current and savings account?

F1:First female president?
Me:Told(Pratibha Patil)


M3:Repo rate,Reverse repo rate?

M1 started to ask questions from my fathers occupation(ksrtc)

M1:What is the reason for failure of ksrtc(Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation)?
Me : Explained

M3:Your suggestions to improve ksrtc?

M4: What is JNREM?

M4:New name of ksrtc?
Me: Don’t know sir

M1:Are you ready to work anywhere in India?
Me: sir.

Name: Mqnikant kumqr mandal
Currently working in Andhra Bank Clerical Carde.
Venue: Bank of india staff training college noida sector 62. 
Reporting time 21-01-16, 8.30 am

After biomatric and documents vefication…..the interview goes like this…

M1- Tell me your name?

M1- Tell me your score and year of passing from 10th onwards.
Me: Answered.

M2- You did B.C.A and then M.B.A, why not M.C.A?
Me: Answered

M3- Has your bank been able to reduce N.P.A?
Me: As i said yes the next question- What would you do to recover npa.Explained

M4- What are the id proof which can be accepted for opening an account?
Me: Answered

M4- What is your father?
Me: Answered.

Finally they said you were good shaked hand and wished all the best.I smiled and left…

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