Name : Charlie
State : Kerala
Center : Canara bank,Calicut
Shift : 8.30AM

My interview session was scheduled at 8.30 and the paper verification for 9am.I had produced the copy of aadhar at the time of exam and this time I produced passport. They asked me to produce Aadhar and fortunately for me,original adhar was there in my wallet.After the verification they called me to the interview room and my number was 8. Unlike my previous interview this time I felt very relaxed while waiting for my interview and after a few minutes it was my turn entered the room by wishing then and they offered me the chair and the interview started
M1: So first of all introduce yourself?
Me : Introduced  Myself (place,family,educational qualifications)
M1: There is a long gap between your graduation and now . What were you doing?
Me : Sir I had worked in an NBFC 2 years and then I resigned and started preparing for govt jobs.
M1 : Why govt jobs?
Me : obviously because of the dignity of govt jobs and the job security.
M1 : And growth opportunities too,right ?
Me : yes sir
M1 : Ok What was your role in NBFC ?
Me : CSE sir,similar to the clerical post in banks
M1 : So you were dealing gold loan section also right? So what is LTV ?
Me : Answered
M1 : LTV at present?
Me : I’m not sure about it but I guess it’s somewhere around 60% now
M2 : Why the economy of Kerala known as money order economy ?
Me : Sorry sir, I don’t know
M2 : Tell us about core banking?
Me : Answered
M3 : You said currently you are preparing for the govt jobs,any other exams did you clear?
Me : Yes sir,and said the exams i cleared
M3 : How do you update yourself?
Me : Reading news papers and the articles in the internet.

F1 : So if you are not selected in this you will join in insurance sector right?what is the difference between the work type in both ?
Me : In insurance there won’t be much customer interactions and similar works every day but in banks. I must face with different challenges . I love to deal with such challenges

F1 : Ok what is the meaning of your name ? (Charlie is not my real name )
Me : There is no meaning for my name mam

F1 : Who gave you the name,There should be some meaning for sure?
Me : My dad,and he also doesn’t know the meaning..even Google doesn’t know the meaning of my name
F1: (laughed) Ok Difference between pvt sector and public sector?
Me : Explained
F2 : Name the 3 pvt sector banks in Kerala?
Me : Answered
F1 : What is sensex ?
Me : It is the.( I knew the answer but at that time I couldn’t recollect the word “indices” ) and fumbled
M3 : (explained me about sensex)
ME: Explained

F1: Name some Regulatory boards?
Me: RBI,SEBI,IRDAI,and there was FMC also but recently they merged with SEBI.

F1: Who regulates insurance?and it’s full form ?
Me: Explained
F1 : What is D-mat account?
Me :Explained
M2 : What is digital banking?
Me : Explained

M3 : Ok Charlie,After getting a bank job,which position you want to reach?
Me : As higher as I can sir

M3 : How much higher you are aiming?
Me : General manager of any PSB sir
M3 : Smiled,ok Charlie,that’s it,take the sweets
Me : Thank you sir.
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