Name: Salomi.S (Shylucharm)
Venue: IOB Regional office, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
Date and time: 21 Jan, 2016 at 8:30 AM
Qualification:  M.Sc Microbiology
Panel: Panel 3 (There were 3 M & 1 F members in the panel) 
Panelists order: F   M1   M2(chief)  M3
Interview Duration: 7 to 10 min

Bio metric and Document Verification.I reached the venue at 8:10 AM. By the time candidates were standing in queue for bio metric verification. It got over at 9:00 AM. After completing it, we went to the 2nd floor for document verification. There were 23 members in my panel (2 were absent) and I was 17th among them. Document verification took nearly two and a half hours and by 11:15 AM I was sent downstairs to the place where interview was going on along with few other candidates. Outside the interview hall we were waiting for our turn. Around 12:30 PM my turn came and I went inside. I wished them and they offered me seat. I thanked and sat down.
Interview One among the 4 who appeared to be the chief asked me

M1: Where I am from?
Me: Answered
M1: What are my qualification?
Me: As soon as I said M.Sc Microbiology.
(M2) and  M3 looked at M1 with a nod and a smile. I thought may be he is also from science stream.
Then the chief
M2: Asked about my family like who are all working?
Me: Answered
They started asking questions related to my subject:
M2: Tell me some of the subjects you have learnt in your graduation?
Me: Answered
M3: What are GM crops,Give me examples?
Me: Answered
M4: What is your opinion about using GM crops? (As there are certain issues regarding it)Which is the largest producer of GM crops?
Me: Answered
M3: Types of plant diseases?
Me: Answered
M2: How do you treat those diseases,Disease of coconut?
Me: Answered

M1: Father of Genetics?
Me: Answered

M4: Laws of Genetics?
Me: Answered
Banking questions:
M1:Types of banks based on operation, based on origin with examples. (like example of Foreign bank-citibank)
Me: Answered
M2: What is PSL? What is the Percentage contribution by commercial banks?
Me: Answered
f1: What is Rupay card? (ques asked by Female member)
Me: Answered
After all these the chief asked me 
M1: Do you read newspaper daily?
Me: I said YES Sir!!
M1:Did you read it today or in the last few days?
Me:I said Yes sir!! 
He said “Okay fine let me ask you the final question,
M1: What is the reason for reduction in the money value?
Me: For this I first stumbled saying blah blah details and they helped me n finally I said the point they were expecting ” More Imports than Exports”.
Overall my performance was average. I couldn’t answer around 3 questions. But they were very friendly and casual. At times they even helped me with my answers. At last the chief said Good!! n wished me good luck for my result.
My suggestions: 
Make sure that you have photocopies of all the originals you carry with you. Dont forget the provisional certificate, final marksheet and degree certificate.Read Newspaper before you go to the interview. Have a glance at your subject(at least basics). And if you have any work experience, be completely aware of your sector. There were some candidates already working as Assistants in banks and they were asked in depth questions from banking. If you have cleared any other exams like Insurance you may also be asked questions related to insurance. Go with the confidence and never let the fear take over you.
All the best!!

Half hour interview experience.
I reached the venue at 8 am and document verification started at 8:30 am. I  was having caste certificate of uttar pradesh format. The only problem i faced but it was ok as i have to give caste certificate in prescribed format of ibps if i get selected.
There were 2 panels who were taking interviews and  I was in “Panel-2”. my no. was 8th .  So my interview started at around 10:30  am.
In my panel there were 5 member: 1 Female and 4 gentlemen, and lets represent them like – F1, M1, M2, M3, M4

Me: May I come in, Sir.
M1: Yes, Please come.
Me: Good morning everyone
All : Very Good Morning

M1: RASHID , where are you from?
Me: lucknow
M1: Outside lucknow station there is written on a big board … muskaraiye ki …..???
Me: aap lucknow me hai….
M2: To aap bhi muskaraiye ki aap agra me hai?
Me: i smiled.
M1: What have u done ?
Me: BTECH in civil engineer
M1: From where
Me: Meerut
M2: Which year?
Me: 2105
M2: Oh! 1994 d.o.b.  you are so young.
Me: I smiled
F1: Why banking after civil engineering?
Me: Told

M3: You have a bright future in gulf countries, Dont you want to go out?
Me: Told
M3: How your interest changed from technical to banking?
Me: Told

M1: Why dont u want to go out of india?
Me: Told
M1: What do you know about banking?
Me : Told
M1: How you worked hard for this exam?
Me: Agra
M1: Do you know arundhati bhattacharya ? what graduation she did?
Me: They asked this coz i took name of her as my inspiration. Told
M1: Aapke papa kya krte he?
Me: Told
M4: Your mother?
Me: Told

M1: What will you do as bank officer?
Me: Told
M2: What is financial inclusion?
Me: Agriculture & Crop.
M2: What about your views about jan dhan yojna?
Me: Sorry sir jyada detail me nhi jaanta.

F1: We have mixed views about jan dhan yojna, Do you think it is working?
Me: Told

M3: Suppose 50 jan dhan wale bank me line lagaye khade hai ki modi ji ne kaha hai 5000 rs. do and  ek lady fixed deposit karne aati hai 1 lakh ki? kaise manage karoge?
Me: Told about rules of jan dhan yojna . Those who are eligible wil be given,and then asked further

M3: All are eligible then?
Me: Told but not satisfied

M3: Payments banks kya hai ?
Me: Told

M4: S.E.B.I main three functions?
Me; Told
F1: She asked something which i was not  aware?
Me: I dont know

F1: Ok you can go, Thank you
Thank you very much