Date: 23rd Jan
Venue: Bank of India Training College, Sec 62, Noida
Name: Ankit Shubham
Disqus Name: Maverick_Spirit

I was called there at 1 pm, so i reached there at 12:30 pm (Had done reconnaissance of that campus last week). So no problems reaching.
I was wearing a formal suit(black suit, blue tie, white shirt) and was directed to a conference room quickly. Verification started then only at 12:45 pm and there were 2 persons who were checking all the documents. The guy who had gone before me was almost 30 years of age, but had very a casual approach regarding the certificates and photocopies. I mean how can someone who has done his Graduation in 2007, be unable to collect his final degree??? Well he got scolded. But thankfully he was still allowed further.
Guys I have seen people getting frustrated about the types of documents to take with them, so i am telling u,originals & Photocopies of all necessary documents should be ready with you and you need to keep them self attested beforehand.
I had taken many of my certificates and the concerned person was impressed. Verification went smoothly.
Then, I was sent to another room where other candidates were also waiting.
After 30 mins, i was called for Interview.
5 Panel Members, 1 Female, 4 Male(M1,M2,M3,M4)
Me: May I come in Sir?
M1: Arre haan haan aa jao bhai.
Me: Good Afternoon Mam. Good Afternoon Sirs.
M2:Haan Good Afternoon Baitho Baitho. Take your seat.
M2: So Mr.Ankit Shubham,What is the meaning of your name??
Me: Sir Ankit means “to make a mark”, and Shubham refers to “Being Auspicious”
M1;Ohho nice nice.So tell us Ankit, about events where you have made a “mark”.
Me:(Okay Achievements) Told them about my work experience, responsibilities. I got placed in IBM after Graduation. Then got placed twice in my MBA…etc…etc…
M1: Ohh okay, so what does your father do?
Me: My father is Bank Manager in Bank of India.
M1: Ohh acha, so here also we have a person among us who is also from Bank of India. Haan sir(M2) aap puchiye.
M2:So tell me Ankit what do you know about Bank of India?
Me(Knew this question would definitely come): Sir the most fascinating fact i feel about BOI is that, it  provided ATM services even before i was born !! The Mahalaxmi Branch of BOI in Mumbai has been providing ATM services since 1989.
(Got Interrupted)
M2: Yes Yes you are right. But tell me which bank started providing ATM facilities in India even before 1989.
Me:(Kya re) Uhh…sorry sir I don’t know.
M2:Ok go on.
Me:BOI headquarters are in Nariman Point,Mumbai. Mr.Melwyn Rego is CEO and MD.
(Interrupted Again)
M2: So who is Chairman?
Me: Sir as much as i know CEO & MD is Mr. Melwyn Rego and there is no separate chairman as such.
M2: How is it possible that no Chairman?
Me: Maybe i just don’t know sir.
M2:Okay proceed.
Me: BOI was started by few businessmen in Mumbai in 1906….Nationalised in 1969….Presently BOI has 50,606 employees….7,700 ATMs….  4,963 branches
in India……60 branches in abroad ….And presence in 22 countries.. 
(Interrupted Again)
M2: So does BOI have presence in China??
Me: I don’t know sir (Really ?? Did I not mug up enough already?)
M1: Okay tell us about your work experience.
M2: He has already told us in the beginning in achievements.
M1:Okay, so Ankit what have you studied for the interview?
Me: Sir I have studied as much as I could. You can ask me whatever you want.(56 inch chest feeling)
M2:What is RTGS?
Me:Real Time Gross Settlement….told the concept…timings…minimum 2Lakh amount..etc..
(Interrupted Again)
M2:So tell me, if in RTGS i send money to the wrong account, can i recover it or not?
Me:Uhh….i read that RTGS is irrevocable…so i will say it cannot be recovered then…(wrong answer)
M2:Ok what is Bank Guarantee??
Me:Sir when someone takes a loan he has to put some collateral as guarantee…
(Interrupted )
M2: Haan haan wo to hai hi…par this guarantee is given by Bank.
Me: Sorry sir I don’t remember.
M1: So Ankit, sell yourself to us,why should we hire you??
Me: Sir I have done Graduation in BCA and in Masters also i have dual specialisation of Marketing & IT,so i think i will nicely fit into the customer serving tech friendly workplace of Banks…moreover i have been fascinated and felt attracted to BOI since my childhood …and my Dad used to take me to his Bank sometimes so……Blah Blah Blah…(u all know)
M1:Acha, Madam aap puchiye kuch.
F1:So where do you see yourself after some years??
Me:(In the Mirror……just kidding)….I will try to first strengthen my role and perform my duties as a manager first….Then few years down the line…i will try for Regional Manager…Zonal Manager…etc etc…Its a long shot…
M1:Ok Ankit thank You.
Me: Thank You Sirs, Thank You mam.
2 Panel Members M3 and M4 did not ask a single question…and were only observing me the whole time…Mostly Hindi medium of communication was used but sometimes i also spoke in English to flaunt my communication skills…Panel members will try to grill you sometimes but will also try to make you feel comfortable..
I feel my Interview was better than average…But don’t know for sure…was my first Govt. interview…..Let’s see what awaits me on 1st April…Thank You Friends